Analog Integrated Circuits - Design And Applications

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Technical Publications, 2009 - 1014 sayfa
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Op-Amp FundamentalsBlock diagram of Op-amp (Basic building blocks) -Differential amplifier fundamentals - Fundamentals, Types, DC and AC analysis, Current sources, Current mirrors, Active load, Differential to single ended conversion.Additional gain stage. DC level shifter. Output stage. An overview of different types of Op-amp, their peculiarities and application areas.General purpose, Precision, Instrumentation, Isolation, Power, Comparators, Fast settling time, Fabrication based classification.Ideal Op-amp parameters open loop and closed loop, Inverting and Non-inverting configurations, Concept of virtual short and virtual grounds.Non ideal (AC and DC) Op-amp behaviour and its effect on performance.Op-Amp ApplicationsVoltage follower, Summing amplifier, Difference amplifier, Its limitations in precision differential measurements.Offset nulling techniques, Drift parameters and their effect, closed loop stability, Power supply considerations - Single power supply operation. V to I and I to V converterInstrumentation amplifier and applications (Bridge based circuit). Grounding and shielding techniques. Integrator, Practical considerations. Differentiators, Practical considerations.Non-linear Applications of Op-AmpComparators, Differences between Op-amp output circuits and comparators output circuit (rail-to-rail concept). Limitations of Op-amp as Comparator, Schmitt trigger, Comparator IC such as LM339. Bandwidth and slew rate limitations. Precision rectifiers, Peak detector, Sample and hold circuit. Clipper and clamper.Signal GeneratorsSine wave generation, Multivibrators, Monolithic timers (self study), Triangular wave generators, Sawtooth generators, V to F and F to V converters.Active Filter DesignFilter types, Advantages of active filters, Filter order and poles. Filter class-Butterworth, Chebyshev, Bessel, Elliptic. Realizing practical filters - Sallen and Key VCVS filter, Saller and Key low pass filter, Sallen and Key high pass filter (self study), Butterworth filters, Low pass filter specifications and design from specifications (up to 4th order), ,,, , Sallen and Key circuit I, II, III. Band pass filter design and frequency transformations- Low pass filter to band pass filter, Low pass filter to high pass filter, Low pass filter to band stop filter.Non-linear Applications and Phase Locked LoopsLog/Antilog amplifiers and Analog multipliers. Block diagram of PLL - Phase Detector, LPF, VCO, Block diagram of PLL IC 565.Definitions-free running frequency, lock range, capture range, pull in time, Transfer characteristics of PLL.Applications of PLL - Frequency synthesizer, FM demodulator, AM demodulator,FSK demodulator.

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Chapter1 Basics of Operational Amplifiers
Examples with Solutions
Chapter4 Signal Generators
Chapter6 LogAntilog Amplifiers Analog Multipliers
Review Questions
Examples with Solutions
University Questions
Chapter 8 Linearization and Isolation of Signals i
_ i m S KWJ o fif sii
Review Questions
7AM Radio System LM 1863
Chapter 11 Analog to Digital and Digitalto Analog Converters
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