Colossae in Space and Time: Linking to an Ancient City

Ön Kapak
Alan H. Cadwallader, Michael Trainor
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2011 - 368 sayfa
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The ancient site of Colossae in south-west Turkey has been sorely neglected by archaeologists and biblical commentators. It has never been excavated. Modern scholarship in general has been content to repeat nineteenth century assessments, especially those of J.B. Lightfoot and W.M. Ramsay. This is the first modern contribution to gather the archaeological, historical, classical and biblical materials related to the site and its region, some of which is published in English for the first time. It marks a major step forward in scholarship on Colossae, and is designed to restore Colossae to time and space, to its material and comparative significance. Colossae emerges as a site of uninterrupted human activity in dynamic interaction with its neighbours from before the Achaemenid period to beyond the end of Byzantine control. Evidence of a chalcolithic origin of Colossae is presented along with an assessment of the relationship of the site to the modern city of Honaz. An array of international scholars have brought their specialisations in various periods and disciplines to yield a radically new assessment of the history and importance of the site. All future scholarship will be able to use this volume as the necessary foundation for research. The volume includes the first chronology of the ancient site and the first English translation of the key Byzantine text centred on the ancient city, as well as major new insights into the text of the Epistle to the Colossians.

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Changing Patterns of LandHolding in the SouthWestern Border Lands of Greater Phrygia in the Achaemenid and Hellenistic Periods
The Languages of the Lycus Valley
Woollen Textiles An International Trade Good in the Lycus Valley in Antiquity
Epigraphic Evidence for the Social Impact of Roman Government in Laodicea and Hierapolis
Refuting an Axiom of Scholarship on Colossae fresh insights from new and old inscriptions
Christians in the Lycus Valley the view from Ephesus and from Western Asia Minor
Reading Colossians in the Ruins Roman Imperial Iconography Moral Transformation and the Construction of Christian Identity in the Lycus Valley
Excavating Epaphras of Colossae
The Story of the Archistrategos St Michael of Chonai
Turkish Abstracts
List of Figures
Index of Ancient Texts
Index of Biblical References
Index of Inscriptions and Papyri

The Silent Witness of the Mound of Colossae Pottery Remains
A stratigraphy of an ancient city through its key story the archistrategos of Chonai
A Chronology of ColossaeChonai
Colossae Chonai Nin Kronolojìk Tarihçesi

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