Conversations with William Faulkner

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Univ. Press of Mississippi, 1999 - 227 sayfa

"When a writer passes through the wall of oblivion, he will even then stop long enough to write something on the wall, like 'Kilroy was here.'"

William Faulkner was not keen on giving interviews. More often than not, he refused, as when he wrote an aspiring interviewer in 1950, "Sorry but no. Am violently opposed to interviews and publicity." Yet during the course of his prolific writing career, the truth is that he submitted to the ordeal on numerous occasions in the United States and abroad.
Although three earlier volumes were thought to have gathered most of Faulkner's interviews, continued research has turned up many more. Ranging from 1916, when he was a shabbily dressed young Bohemian poet to the last year of his life when he was putting finishing touches on his final novel The Reivers, they are collected here for the first time. Many of these articles and essays provide descriptions of Faulkner, his home, and his daily world. They report not only on the things that he said but on the attitudes and poses he adopted. Some capture him making up tall tales about himself, several of which gained credibility and became a part of the Faulkner mythology. Included too are the interviews from Faulkner at West Point. Taken together, this material provides a revealing and lively portrait of a Nobel Prize winner that many acclaim as the century's greatest writer.

M. Thomas Inge, the Robert Emory Blackwell Professor of English and Humanities at Randolph- Macon College, is the author or editor of more than fifty books in American literature and in American popular culture.


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This is a good book with interviews and articles about Faulkner. I like the way he is, just a curmudgeon who wants to be left alone. Every once in a while, he opens up and talks about the craft of writing, and then he is brilliant. Tam incelemeyi okuyun


The Time Has Come Ben Wasson
That Writin Man of Oxford Anthony Buttitta
A Memoir of Faulkner in the Early Days of His Fame Anthony
Faulkner in Hollywood Laurence Stallings
My Friend William Faulkner Stephen Longstreet
William Faulkner Fred Woodress
An Interview with William Faulkner Lavon Rascoe
First Lectures at a University A Wigfall Green and Richard M
Conversations with William Faulkner John Cook Wyllie
Faulkner Lured to Preview Bares Long Link with Films Commercial
Faulkner in Massachusetts Elisabeth Linscott
Col Sartoris and Mr Snopes Nancy Hale
Faulkner Talks to Reporters about Integration Virginians
Truthfulness William Faulkner Tells High
Through Faulkners ViewFinder Howard Thompson
Faulkner Looks Back at Happy Year at University of Virginia Beverly

The Private World of William Faulkner Roark Bradford
Recollections on Two Artists at Work in Courthouse Square Stuart
Faulkner Without Fanfare Robert N Linscott
Faulkner Speaking Time
I Write Christopher
Faulkner at West Point Joseph L Fant III and Robert Ashley
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M. Thomas Inge is Robert Emory Blackwell Professor of the Humanities at Randolph-Macon College. He has edited or authored over sixty volumes, including books on Schulz, the comics, William Faulkner, and Oliver W. Harrington. Inge is the general editor of two University Press of Mississippi series, Conversations with Comics Artists and Great Comics Artists.

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