Essays in Trespassing: Economics to Politics and Beyond

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CUP Archive, 31 Ağu 1981 - 310 sayfa
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This book brings together fourteen articles and papers written by Albert O. Hirschman. About half deal with the interaction of economic development with politics and ideology, the area in which Hirschman perhaps has made most noted contributions. Among these papers are 'The Rise and Declines of Development Economics', a magisterial and yet pointed essay in intellectual history and his famous article 'The Changing Tolerance for Income Inequality in the Course of Economic Development'. Hirschman's ability to trespass - or rather his inability not to trespass - from one social science to another and beyond is the unifying characteristic of the volume. Authoritative, searching surveys alternate here with essays presenting some of Hirschman's characteristic inventions, for instance the 'tunnel effect' and 'obituary-improving activities'. Three of the papers have not been published previously and a number of introductory notes have been especially drafted for the present volume to evoke the intellectual-political climate in which certain groups of essays were written.

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The Rise and Decline of Development Economics page
Russell Sage Foundation Annual Report 1979 New York 1980 p
Critical Notes on Myself as
Introductory Note
A Generalized Linkage Approach to Development
The Turn to Authoritarianism in Latin America
Introductory Note
On Hegel Imperialism and Structural Stagnation
Further Reflections and
Some Further Distinctions
Exit Voice and the State
Three Uses of Political Economy in Analyzing
Introductory Note
Princeton New Jersey ALBERT O HIRSCHMAN
Index of Authors Cited
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Yazar hakkında (1981)

Albert O. Hirschman is Professor Emeritus of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. His many publications include "Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, The Passions and the Interests, " and "A Propensity to Self-Subversion.

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