Effects of German Industrialization on Turkish-German Military-Strategic Relations (1815-1929)

Ön Kapak
Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2023 - 276 sayfa
When the German Industrial Revolution is mentioned, some unanswered questions like "when?", "how?", "by whom?" comes to mind. This book opens the curtain of unanswered questions about German Industrialization. Unlike previous studies on German Industrialization, this book, which reveals a highly integrated framework, also examines original areas such as the importance of education in German Industrialization and the pioneering German banking models in the 19th century. Moreover, this book offers the reader a new perspective by examining Turkish-German relations from the perspective of German Industrialization. Making use of Turkish, German and American archive documents, this book aims to provide the reader with rational inferences about German industrialization and the behind-the-scenes of Turkish-German relations with its in-depth literature review and intense analysis.

Yazar hakkında (2023)

Atakan Büyükdag˘ is a historian who likes to do on-site research. His research interests include European History, in particular German History.

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