Electromechanical Energy Conversion - Ii

Ön Kapak
Technical Publications, 2009 - 532 sayfa
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Synchronous Machine I Constructional features, Armature winding, E.M.F. equation, Winding coefficients, Equivalent circuit and phasor diagram, Armature reaction, O.C. and S.C. tests, Voltage regulation using synchronous impedance method, M.M.F. method, Potier's triangle method, Parallel operation of synchronous generators, Operation on infinite bus, Synchronizing power and torque co-efficient. Synchronous Machine II Two reaction theory, Power flow equations of cylindrical and salient pole machines, Operating characteristics.Synchronous Motors Starting methods, Effect of varying field current at different loads, V-Curves, Hunting and damping, Synchronous condensor. Three Phase Induction Machine - IConstructional features, Rotating magnetic field, Principle of operation, Phasor diagram, Equivalent circuit, Torque and power equations. Torque-slip characteristics, No load and blocked rotor tests, Efficiency, Induction generator.Three Phase Induction Machine - II Starting, Deep bar and double cage rotors, Cogging and Crawling, Speed control (with and without e.m.f. injection in rotor circuit).Single Phase Induction Motor Double revolving field theory, Equivalent circuit, No load and blocked rotor tests, Starting methods, Repulsion motor.A.C. Commutator Motors Universal motor, Single phase a.c. series compensated motor, Stepper motors.

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