Ferromagnetic Materials: Structure and Properties

Ön Kapak
R. A. McCurrie
Academic, 1 Oca 1994 - 297 sayfa
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This book covers the properties and structure of a wide range of magnetic materials with engineering applications. It discusses ferromagnetic, ferrigmagnetic, and amorphous materials and their role in the two major property groupings of high permeability and permanent-magnet materials. Other groups, including materials suitable for magnetic recording, magnetoelastic transducers, magneto-optical discs and magnetic bubble memories, are also included. The book providesan in-depth discussion of the basic mechanisms which determine magnetic properties, and features a comprehensive view of how the mechanisms of magnetization reversal and coercivity are related to and interpreted in terms of the structure of the various materials at both the atomic and microstructural levels. For ease of location of materials and topics, the chapters are structured with numbered headings. A large amount of information is presented in textual, tabular, and graphical form, and extensive references will direct the reader to the most important or most representative original papers or reviews. The book is aimed at research students in materials science and electrical engineering, and industrial researchers, for whom the concentration on useful materials will be of particular interest. Covers a wide range of ferromagnetic materials, including many permanent magnets currently under development or research Provides a clear interpretation of the observed properties of ferromagnetic materials or magnetic ceramics in terms of crystal and magnetic structure Presents a detailed discussion and interpretation of magnetic properties of 3.2% Si-Fe transformer core alloy Features extensive references, with easy access to specific materials or topics

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