Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering: Design and Construction

Ön Kapak
McGraw Hill Professional, 1999 - 750 sayfa
Improve your engineering design potential by mastering the practical aspects of modern geotechnical and foundation engineering. This book takes you step by step through the typical process of a design project--from the initial writing of a proposal for engineering services to the final preparation of the "as built" report upon completion of the project. This easy-to-understand reference places special emphasis of the visual aspects of geotechnical and foundation engineering, while minimizing the use of complex and theoretical analyses. Included are lots of photographs, figures, charts, and tables that show you exactly how today's design and construction methods and procedures are actually applied. You'll get the expertise required to: develop a complete program of geotechnical investigation; deal with geotechnical field and laboratory studies; analyze geotechnical data and engineering computations; carry out an engineering evaluation of construction; prepare and evaluate geotechnical reports. Whether you're an engineer or construction professional, this guide will give you the full range of methods, visual aids, examples, and simplified equations and calculations needed to handle any geotechnical project with complete confidence! Get detailed coverage of all major geotechnical and foundation topics: proposals; field exploration; laboratory testing; settlement of structures; bearing capacity; expansive soil; slope stability; earthquakes; erosion; deterioration; unusual soil; retaining walls; groundwater and moisture migration; grading; constructions services; reports.

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The Assignment 2 3
Proposal and Planning the Work 3 1
Geotechnical Field and Laboratory Studies
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Yazar hakkında (1999)

Robert W. Day (San Diego, CA) has published over 200 papers, as is currently active on various committees with ASCE, ASTM, Tranportation Research Board, and received a design award from AIA. After completing his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering at Villanova specializing in Structural Engineering, he completed his masters in Civil Engineering and Engineer Degree at MIT.

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