Hexahydro-1,3,5-Tris (2-Hydroxyethyl)-S-Triazine (Hexahydrotriazine)

Ön Kapak
Canadian Government Publishing, 2010 - 27 sayfa
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Hexahydrotriazine is an antimicrobial agent that acts by releasing formaldehyde. Hexahydrotriazine is used as a material preservative and machine cleaner to control microbial activity in metalworking fluids and on machine surfaces. Hexahydrotriazine is also used as an in-can material preservative in water-based products such as paints, adhesives, resin solutions, printing inks, stuccos, joint compounds, cleaners, liquid detergents, fabric softeners, floor finishes and liquid polishes. This Proposed Re-evaluation Decision is a consultation document that summarizes the science evaluation for hexahydrotriazine and presents the reasons for the proposed re-evaluation decision. It also proposes additional risk-reduction measures to further protect human health and the environment.--Document.

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