How TV Ruined My Sex Life and a Bunch of Other Messed Up Misadventures

Ön Kapak, 2008 - 189 sayfa
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At some point in our lives we've all laughed as we watched someone trip and fall. You hope they're not hurt but it's funny nonetheless. In this sometimes dark yet always fun and entertaining collection of short stories you will meet people from all walks of life that trip and fall when it comes to sex and relationships. Among the people you'll meet is the hopeless TV addict who must choose between having sex with the hottest girl in school or watching the Friday cliffhanger of his favorite soap opera. There's the ad executive who, after bringing his wife to a nude beach, realizes he should have been more careful what he wished for. And then there's poor Gavin Thompson whose crush on his lesbian best friend leads to an embarrassing revelation of a strange fetish. Have a good laugh as you watch these people trip and fall and be glad it's not you.

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How TV Ruined My Sex Life
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