How to Win at Online Gambling

Ön Kapak
Mark Balestra
Carlton Books, Limited, 2006 - 159 sayfa
How to Win at Online Gambling is a complete guide to getting the most from the world's fastest-growing forms of gambling?those that you find online. All the casino favorites have become well established in new virtual guises but, as with every new trend and technology, there is a learning curve and few are those who just logon to and start winning! There are many pratfalls and potential problems and this book guides the reader past all of them, ensuring that every betting experience on the Internet is a good one. Questions for the beginner, like ?where do I start and ?which games are the easiest to play are all answered and there are reference sections listing useful sites for the experienced player who wants to get more from the net. With chapters on casino betting, sports betting, legal issues, registering and even knowing when to stop, How to Win at Online Gambling has everything you need to set up and improve your chances of winning!

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