Judo Karate

Ön Kapak
Pustak Mahal, 2004 - 126 sayfa
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In the normal course of life we just tap a fraction of our total physical and mental energies. With certain disciplines, however, we can tap our potential to a great extent. Now realize the amazing strength of your body by practising martial arts. the book reveals the techniques and secrets involved in Judo and Karate and helps you to become a performer. By learning them, you can floor any unarmed (or even armed) adversary and defend yourself. In fact, Judo-Karate is the art of kick-boxing practised in the traditional Chinese Shaolin Temple. It was the most popular form of martial art presently practiced with an intent in sports arena. Though it was meant to ward off the advances of the enemy warriors in ancient times, it was also effectively practised to keep monks in good health and develop physical, mental and spiritual coordination for better evolution of mind, body, spirit in the revered practice of Yoga. Today this venerable art form has become a general principle of physical development and sport. This basic book on Judo & Karate will help you know the rules and principles of the art and teach you most aspects of self-defense. Fully illustrated to help self-learning, it teaches you the positions and movements, points of contact, breathing techniques and many other secret techniques of Chinese Taoist yoga.

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