Kefir: For Pleasure, Beauty and Well-being

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Harald Tietze Publishing P/, 1996 - 78 sayfa
This is the revised book: Kefir - For pleasure, beauty and well-being by Harald W. Tietze. Kefir, another miracle healer from the Caucasus. If you think that the only thing that can heal is a drug then you may see Kefir as a powerful drug. Healthy living food is something to preserve our health and life - to maintain our healthy body. One can make a test very simply and easily. If you take something, and you can live in good health without negative side effects, then it is a food. This book will show you how to handle this beautiful and cheap way to stay healthy, keep your beauty and feel well. Kefir grains are a biological production centre. Living foods like Kefir help to detoxify, support and balance digestion, and help in building up the immune system to counteract negative influences. During the fermentation process the Kefir grains change normal milk into the Kefir beverage. Lactic acid, ethanol, acetic acid, carbon dioxide and other compounds are produced as well as vitamins. This is one of the books written by Harald W. Tietze. There are another 34 books covering a wide spectrum of health knowlegde available. You will be surprised with the important research he has done and published.


Where does Kefir come from? Kefir in the Western World
Kefir Products
Drying the grains
Bath treats
Facial Skin Scrub
Kefir for your taste buds pleasure
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Yazar hakkında (1996)

Harald W. Tietze is a popular lecturer, researcher and writer on a wide range of natural health subjects. His experiences with herbal medicine dates back to his childhood. He is author of more than 35 health books.

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