Know the Body: Muscle, Bone, and Palpation Essentials

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Elsevier Health Sciences, 19 Ara 2013 - 496 sayfa

A clear, concise approach provides the anatomical information you need to excel in massage therapy! Know the Body: Muscle, Bone, and Palpation Essentials covers muscle identification plus attachments, actions, stabilization functions, nerve innervation, palpation, and treatment considerations for each of those muscles. Hundreds of full-color illustrations make it easier to learn muscle and bone identification, as well as bony landmarks. Written by expert massage therapy practitioner and educator Joseph E. Muscolino, Know the Body helps you learn — not simply memorize — the essentials of muscles, bones, and palpation.

Winner of the 2012 Association of American Publishers PROSE Award, Nursing & Allied Health Sciences!

  • Full-color, overlay-style muscle illustrations show anatomical structures and include origin and insertion labeling.
  • An introductory overview includes chapters on terminology, the skeletal system, muscle function, and bone palpation.
  • Coverage of bones includes the bones and bony landmarks for each body region.
  • Review activities in muscle region chapters include short case studies highlighting common conditions related to specific muscles and review questions.
  • Treatment considerations explain how to apply muscle and palpation knowledge in massage practice.
  • An illustrated stretching atlas is included as the appendix.
  • A companion CD includes an interactive review of muscles.

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Exercises to accompany Know The Body text. Includes terminology, skeletal system, muscles and their functions, palpation, and areas of the body. Tam incelemeyi okuyun


Chapter 1 Basic Kinesiology Terminology
Chapter 2 The Skeletal System
Chapter 3 How Muscles Function
Chapter 4 How to Palpate
Chapter 5 Bony Palpation
Chapter 6 Muscles of the Shoulder Girdle and Arm
Chapter 7 Muscles of the Forearm and Hand
Chapter 8 Muscles of the Spine and Rib Cage
Chapter 9 Muscles of the Head
Chapter 10 Muscles of the Pelvis and Thigh
Chapter 11 Muscles of the Leg and Foot
Stretching Atlas
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Dr. Muscolino is a licensed soft-tissue oriented chiropractic physician with a private practice in Stamford, CT. He has been in practice since 1985. He has taught A&P, kinesiology, and musculoskeletal anatomy and pathology courses at SUNY and the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT). Dr. Muscolino is also an approved provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for continuing education (CE) credit for massage therapists and bodyworkers and runs numerous advanced study workshops.

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