On the Move: The Psychology of Change and Transition

Ön Kapak
Shirley Fisher, Cary L. Cooper
Wiley, 1990 - 337 sayfa
Change and transition and the ability to cope with it vary from individual to individual. There are both positive and negative types of change, and each person deals with it in his/her own way. This volume addresses the effects of positive events related to upward social, educational and occupational mobility and with the processes of growing up and developing within and across boundaries. It opens with theoretical discussions of how and why change, even in a positive context, might be stressful to some people. Also explores the effects of a broad variety of changes and discusses two coping strategies: the first addresses strategies for aiding immediate adjustment; the second considers more general strategies designed for adjustment in the long term.

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Review and Extensions
Rank Status and Mood
Environmental Change Control and Vulnerability
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