Peppermint Oil

Ön Kapak
Allured Publishing Corporation, 2008 - 216 sayfa
The history, geography, cultivation and composition of peppermint oil in the United States and abroad. The actual date in which peppermint was introduced into the United States is unknown; however, commercial cultivation of peppermint and subsequent peppermint oil production had commenced by the 1790¿s. Once a market for peppermint oil had been established, peppermint cultivation and oil production started to grow and by the mid-1800s American peppermint oil had become big business. It had not only achieved national attention but an international market was in its infancy. Peppermint Oil covers the history of peppermint, including cultivation and production in each region of the United States, as well as production in specific countries and the composition of peppermint in various regions. A list of worldwide peppermint oil suppliers is also included.

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