Raising Bilingual Children: A Parent's Guide

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Parent's Guide Press, 2003 - 234 sayfa
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"Written in an accessible, nonacademic style, this resource provides current research and real solutions to everyday problems faced by parents in a bilingual family. This research is used to help children deal with emotional issues and special situations, while helping parents understand language acquisition and cognitive development related to childhood bilingualism, whether by necessity or by choice. Issues addressed include the bilingual brain, school, biliteracy at home, emotional issues, and daily dilemmas. This information is used to provide guidance to parents in evaluating their own language situation in order to identify strengths the family can build on in promoting the children's bilingualism. Also addressed are questions and challenges that can arise when raising children bilingually and learning from the experiences and advice of other parents. An appendix of resources is also included."

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Yazar hakkında (2003)

Carey Myles began teaching English as a Second Language in 1987. She holds a Master's Degree from the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University, and has done research on bilingual families and literacy. She has taught children and adults in a variety of settings overseas and in the United States. She currently teaches in the Waseda Transnational Program, jointly sponsored by Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan and a consortium of colleges and universities in Oregon. She lives in Portland, Oregon

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