Schools Orienteering

Ön Kapak
Frances Stone, 2020 - 225 sayfa

Schools Orienteering is a book for those who wish to introduce orienteering in their school grounds, in Primary and Secondary schools. The book has been written by a Physical Education specialist teacher who has successfully taught and coached, orienteering in schools to children of all ages.

Orienteering is a challenging sport of discovery. The book shows how your children can experience this exciting sport and to have fun in doing it.

The activities are arranged in three age bands, under nine years, nine to twelve years, and over twelve years. Many of the activities cover more than one age band. These are clearly shown in the introduction and throughout the book, by being colour coded. Teachers can then easily select activities for different year groups.

There are information sections that cover the essential basics of orienteering equipment, getting a school orienteering map made, and orienteering techniques that can be taught in your school grounds.

The details of the activities have been arranged to make the teacher's task easier. Each activity has an introduction that shows how to plan and develop the lesson. Teaching aids are identified, with tips on how to prepare them. Coloured school map examples are shown of teachers' maps that are used to teach the lesson, and examples of the maps that the children should use.

There are more than twenty-six orienteering activities with lesson plans, found after each of the acivity introductory sections.

The plans are written in an easy to follow format. They have with suggested age ranges, learning outcomes, equipment lists, preparation and teaching notes, key teaching points, extension activities and reviewing notes. The lesson lesson plans and the resources can be photo-copied. There is no searching in an appendix to find the materials needed.

This is a book that will inspire many teachers to include orienteering in their school's Physical Education programme.

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