Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines!

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Triumph Books, 2010 - 256 sayfa
Think all slot machines are the same? If so, that's why you're losing money. "Slots Conquest" will teach readers all the nuances of slot machines to improve the odds of winning. Written by one of the most experienced professional gamblers in the profession, "Slots Conquest" opens up the secret world of slot machines to everyone so that readers can learn how to identify the machines that will give the best odds to win. Different machines offer different odds of success, and this book explains how to identify the best machines to play in the casino to guarantee walking out a winner. Whether you're a longtime fan of the one-armed bandit or brand new to slot machines, "Slots Conquest" will change your approach to slot machines instantly.

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Those Wonderful OneArrned Bandits
The RNG the Paybacks and the Hit Frequency
Which Machines to Play and Which to Avoid
The New InBetween Machines
Money Management at Slots
Quit While Youre Ahead and Other lrnpossibilities
Save Up Your Pennies 8 Moola or Markers?
Loose Machines
Slots UnEtiguette
The Great Myths of Slots
Let Your Voices Be Heard
Slot Scanirners and Other Creeps 18 Who Plays the Machines?
The Ghost in the Machine
Slot Advertising
Slots and
My Top 10 Weird and Wacky Slot Experiences

Many Srnall Wins versus a Few Big Wins 11 Winning the Big
The Total Slot Experience
Playing Slots Every
Just Shoot
Advantage Slot Machines
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Frank Scoblete is a bestselling author of gaming and gambling books and other media. He has worked as a publisher, radio show host, school teacher, and professional actor. He is the author of Beat Blackjack Now! and Cutting Edge Craps. He is frequently featured on TV specials for his gambling strategies, and he hosts seminars on the subject. He lives in Malverne, New York.

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