Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience

Ön Kapak
U of Minnesota Press, 1977 - 226 sayfa
In the 25 years since its original publication, Space and Place has not only established the discipline of human geography, but it has proven influential in such diverse fields as theater, literature, anthropology, psychology, and theology. Eminent geographer Yi-Fu Tuan considers the ways in which people feel and think about space, how they form attachments to home, neighborhood, and nation, and how feelings about space and place are affected by the sense of time. He suggests that place is security and space is freedom: we are attached to the one and long for the other. Whether he is considering sacred versus "biased" space, mythical space and place, time in experiential space, or cultural attachments to space, Tuan's analysis is thoughtful and insightful.

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Experiential Perspective
Space Place and the Child
Body Personal Relations and Spatial Values
Spaciousness and Crowding
Spatial Ability Knowledge and Place
Mythical Space and Place
Architectural Space and Awareness
Intimate Experiences of Place
Attachment to Homeland
Visibility the Creation of Place
Time and Place
Telif Hakkı

Time in Experiential Space

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