The Armenian History Attributed to Sebeos, 1. bölüm

Ön Kapak
Liverpool University Press, 1999 - 355 sayfa

The Armenian History attributed to Sebeos is one of the major works of early Armenian historiography. It traces the fortunes of Armenia in the sixth and seventh centuries within the broader context of the time, including the reign of Khosrov II (589-628) and the early Muslim expansion.

This is the first English translation of the modern critical edition of the Armenian text. The historical commentary compares Sebeos's account with other available sources and highlights the particular value of this Armenian witness to the momentous events of his time.

This book will appeal to all those interested in Armenia, the Caucasus, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Middle East in late antiquity. It will be of particular value to Islamicists, since Sebeos not only sets the scene for the coming of Islam but provides the only substantial non-Muslim account of the initial period of expansion. The notes are specifically aimed at the reader unfamiliar with Armenian; with the maps and appendices they will guide the nonspecialist through the complexities of Armenian society and the intricacies of family politics.

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Yazar hakkında (1999)

Robert Thomson read Classics at Cambridge University, then studied Armenian at SOAS and Louvain. His PhD thesis was on Syriac versions of works by Athanasius. In 1969 he was appointed Professor of Armenian Studies at Harvard, and served as Director of Dumbarton Oaks from 1984 to 1989. Since1992 he has been Calousete Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies at Oxford Univesity. His mos recent work is a study with dual translation of the Georgian Chronicles and their medieval Armenian adaptation (Oxford Oriental Monographs, 1996).

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