The Art Therapy Sourcebook

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McGraw Hill Professional, 1998 - 272 sayfa
Art therapy is a process that helps people of all ages to express and understand feelings, interests, relationships, and self-perceptions through art activities. It has been useful in treating emotional trauma and grief, as a supplement to pain and symptom management, to address psychological distress, and to encourage self-growth and actualization. The Art Therapy Sourcebook is a guide for people who want to use art as a way of understanding themselves better. It starts with information on necessary supplies and takes the reader on a journey toward understanding the connection between artistic images and human emotions.

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What Is Art Therapy?
Art Therapy Drawing on the Past and the Present
Getting Started Drawing from Within
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Cathy Malchiodi, M.A., A.T.R., L.P.A.T., L.P.C.C., is a licensed professional art therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor. She is the current editor of Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association and the author of Breaking the Silence: Art Therapy with Children from Violent Homes.

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