Time-saver Standards for Landscape Architecture: Design and Construction Data

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McGraw-Hill, 1998 - 944 sayfa
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Still the one and only major resource of its kind, this edition of this essential reference brings up-to-date information to a field that has undergone many changes. The most comprehensive handbook for landscape architects ever compiled, this thoroughly revised edition continues to be the most complete source of graphic and design standards for landscape architects. Now it also offers timely coverage of the enviromental issues that have become increasingly important in professional practice. Newly designed and with 40 percent completely new material, the Second Edition offers expanded sections on: safe materials and techniques; energy and resource conservation; plant selection; land reclamation; drainage and flood control; site layout; International applications. Useful to all architects, designers, planners, contractors, and builders in addition to landscape architect's, this useful and necessary reference-covering all the basic information as well as major changes that have taken place in the past 10 years-will be one of the most used books in your library. Both standard and metric units are provided throughout for easy use anywhere in the world.

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Yazar hakkında (1998)

Charles Ward Harris, FASLA is a professor of landscape architecture emeritus at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. During his over 30 years of teaching at Harvard he was the Chairman of his Department for ten years and for seven years Director of the LA Research Office. His teaching and research activities covered a wide range of topics: regional landscape planning and design, land and project development, landscape construction and site engineering, and design education.

Before, during, and since his many years of academic teaching, administration, and research he worked in the professional offices of such well-known landscape architects as John and Philip Simonds, Hideo Sasaki and Peter Walker, Richard Dober, and Lawrence Walquist. In addition he worked for two and a half years with The Architect's Collaborative on the planning of a new campus for the University of Baghdad. Walter Gropious was the senior principle in charge. His professional work has spanned campus planning and design, personal rapid transit (PRT) system planning and design, housing and large scale of land development in the US, the Middle East, and North and Central America. In all of his past and present teaching and professional activities he has sought collaborative opportunities to bring together people to work on projects that are socially responsible, environmentally sensitive, economically sound, and aesthetically pleasing. He holds two bachelors degrees from the University of Illinois: one in landscape architecture and one in landscape operations (construction and contracting). He also has a Master of Education degree from Harvard University. His home is in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Nicholas T. Dines, FASLA, is a professor of landscape architecture and serves as graduate MLA program director at the University of Massachusetts where for over 28 years he has taught courses in site engineering, structures, design studio, design drawing, design theory, and professional practice. He is the author of two other McGraw-Hill publications, Landscape Perspective Drawing, and the recently released, Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Construction Details CD.He has over 32 years of professional experience, including a 10-year period of work on residential and recreational design projects in Greece. He currently is conducting research in multi-media applications to both professional and academic design and planning practices, with a special focus on site construction and sustainable design. He has a bachelors degree from Michigan State University, and an MLA degree from Harvard University. His home is in Williamsburg, Massachusetts.

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