The Venus Cycle

Ön Kapak
erkan ince, 24 Şub 2020 - 318 sayfa

A different perspective…

Starting in Sultanahmet—the historic peninsula of Istanbul—with an adventure, this novel takes you through a joyous journey in the depths of history. When you become aware that the content of the Sumerian tablet texts are not simply mythical but rather full of information shedding light unto truth, you will have a new perspective on life.

This book makes us cognizant of the fact, in all its veracity, that the mistakes humanity has been continuing to make over the course of history, the wars, and the indifferent misuse and overuse of all the sources of nature are bringing the Earth to the edge of becoming an uninhabitable realm; and that the way to stop all this lies in the mercy of humanity’s mind and conscience. I finished reading my father’s book in a breath.

Ayşe Ceren Ince Taş

If you have stumbled upon this book, beware!

If you say, “I like stretching the boundaries of my imagination, and I am open to new information and perspectives.”, know that you have caught hold of a very special book, and start reading immediately. Do not read this book if you are not ready to extend the boundaries of your imagination, and if you are not ready for change.

This book, which has been fictionalized by the author through his unlimited imagination and rich accumulation of information and knowledge, will be making you surf on the waves of the oceans of history, mythology, astrology, anthropology and sociology, eventually reaching at the current times.

Well, it is at that moment that you will start to view the world in a different perspective.

Prof. Dr. Haluk Çeçen

This is an original work of writing in which fantastic literature and myths mingle…

This novel, which synthesizes the human history that is laden with mysteries and unknowns with fantastic elements, makes the reader question the validity of what she had been presuming as the truth, making her stupefied, and agitated.

As you are strolling through the mysterious labyrinths of the history of humanity in this gripping adventure, which reminds us how little we know about the real story of the planet where we inhabit, your universe of thoughts will broaden, and you will start viewing the history and the myths with a completely different pair of spectacles.

The doors to a different perspective on truth will be slit open in your minds…

Dr. Zeynep Berke


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