Are We Alone in the Universe: Text Version

Ön Kapak
Ediz Sözüer, 5 Mar 2019 - 59 sayfa

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“Are We Alone in the Universe” Text Version

Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program

We would like you to accompany us in this imaginary and mental journey of discovery. There is only one fixed price for a ticket of the Journey: A strong sense of wonder in the search for truth.

In this book, which is (about) the Introduction and First Aim of 29th Word, the right place to find the answer to questions asked by a man who can't stand thinking the idea of being all alone in this universe and, desperately asking questions, and looking for a solution to his eternal solitude, is shown with mental inferences that capture the problem on its roots. Later on, it is proved by detailed analyses and logical proofs that it is so reasonable to believe in angels and spiritual beings, and that their existence is as precise as the existence of human beings and animals.

This work is a part of our basic/source book called “A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure: Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” upon which our “Journeys of Discovery, Risale-i Nur Training Program” is constructed and it is “Are We Alone in the Universe”, which is the second truth of the six truth, dealt with in the first main part of that book, which is called “Discovering the Value of the Treasure of Faith”.    

We strongly suggest and present this book to those who regularly read Risale-i Nur as well as to those who want to get some information for the first time.

The epilogue of our book which is entitled “Your Journey Just Begins Now!” is also included in this work as it contains emotional, striking and impressive points coming sincerely from the deepest parts of our hearts about the reading of Risale-i Nur and attendance to the Risale-i Nur Lectures. 


* We Are Not Alone! (Introductory Text)

* Why Does Life Exist?

* What is the Meaning and Value of the Existence without Life?

* Angels’ Truth

* The Roles Shared in a Perfect Ecosystem


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<p> </p><p><b>Short Biography</b></p> <p><i>Ediz SÖZÜER </i>was born in Ankara in 1974. He works as Revenue Specialist at Revenue Administration. </p> <p>“A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure:  Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” is the work of the author which is a book published for free on the internet as  a basic resource upon which all other work of the author is based. </p> <p>His journey, which started with writing explanatory notes on Risale-i Nur and with his articles on Risalehaber (Risalenews) website, continued with seminars on “New Perspectives from the Treatise of Nature” which are based on academic work and supported by visuals. </p> <p>He has always considered this work as a project that is able to bring the Quranic Truths in the Works of Risale-i Nur, a Nonmaterial Treasure of Knowledge, to the use by Humanity and to make a significant contribution to the mental transformation that we need as a society. </p> <p>In order to bring the completed book to large masses, he started to present “The Journeys of Discovery:  Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” once every two weeks as a continuous program, in the form of a visual book which is based on the printed book“.</p> <p>In addition to that, he has made, as part of his academic educational activities, several presentations on <i>“Educational Approach of Medresetüzzehra”</i> and <i>“Explanatory Work for Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light). </i></p> <p>His wish from those who are aware of these works and his words to those who set their heart on Risale-i Nur are as following:</p> <p>“Please do not attach the importance to my worthless and unimportant personality but rather to the truths that came to the light splendidly as a blessing from Allah and look after them. This is all that I ask from you.</p> <p><b>Our Website for Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program</b></p> <p>http://www.kesifyolculuklari.<wbr>com</p> <p>http://www.<wbr></p> <p>Alternative Website:</p> <p>http://www.<wbr>risaleinuregitimprogramidotcom<wbr></p> <p><b>Web address of our YouTube Video Channel:</b></p> <p><wbr>EdizSözüer</p> <p><b>The addresses where All Works on Risale-i Nur is uploaded:</b></p> <p><b>Google Drive: </b></p> <p><b>Yandex Disk: </b><wbr>09r41tL9ecYUA</p> <p>You can both view and download the files of texts and all interactive books, videos, texts and PowerPoint presentations of all training program seminars from these storage areas where our work on Risale-i Nur was clustered together and all content of academic training program with visual supports are published. <br></p><p></p>

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