Artvıtal International Interdisciplinary Mixed Exhibition-EXHIBITION CATALOG

Ön Kapak
Rating Academy Ar-Ge Yazılım Yayıncılık Eğitim Danışmanlık ve Organizasyon Ticaret Limited Şirketi, 1 Şub 2021 - 236 sayfa
Ever since it’s existence, perhaps more than happiness, unhappiness, limits and depression have forced artists to produce, and it is seen that artworks which arise primarily as a result of the need to self-heal, bring society together against common and binding challenges. This coronavirus outbreak, which has affected the whole world, is one of the hard times humankind is going through. In this period we have been living since March, art offers the most valuable contribution to the sustainability of life with its features that reconcile emotional conflicts, increase awareness, enable the development of social skills, manage behaviors, guide reality and contribute to solving problems. As the people of the world, in this period when we question our relationship with each other, nature and animals, when we are unsure about the future, and when we reconsider our perceptions and priorities, artworks are the only tools that have the power to cope with the coronavirus under its conditions. Because like the virus itself, artworks are capable of passing all boundaries, and they can influence all people, even if they’re under different flags, speaking different languages. This influence will bring back the awareness, the hope, the knowledge that we’re not alone, the compromise, the sustainability of life and its colors. Goethe’s “One cannot escape from the world with greater certainty than through art, and one cannot relate to it with greater certainty than through art.” aphorism reveals a truth that enlightens our present from centuries ago. I thanks so much to all my artist friends who have contributed to the "International ARTVITAL Interdisciplinary Mixed Exhibition" that we hold with these thoughts online within the ISLC2020 International Conference on Sustainable Living. Also I would like to thank my dear friends who took part in the organizing board and made the exhibition happen and Rating Academy, which always appreciates the aspect of science and art that develops and enriches each other.

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