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Aspects of Avicenna

Robert Wisnovsky - 2001 - Önizleme Yok
By addressing some of the most fundamental issues in Avicenna's psychology, epistemology, natural philosophy and metaphysics, this work aims to make Avicenna's thought more accessible to Latinists and Islamicists alike.
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Books of Definition in Islamic Philosophy: The Limits of Words

Kiki Kennedy-Day - 2004 - Önizleme Yok
Islamic Philosophy has unusual origins. Originally a hybrid of Greek philosophy and early Islamic theology, its technical language consisted of a number of words translated from the Greek. This book studies how Islamic philosophers of the ninth ...
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An Annotated Bibliography on Ibn Sînâ (1970-1989): Including Arabic ..., 1. cilt

Jules L. Janssens - 1991 - Sınırlı önizleme
n this bibliography, more extensive and systematic attention is paid to non-Western publications, especially Arabian, persian, Turkish and Russian. Of special interest is the inclusion of a number of Indian publications.
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AVICENNA latinus: liber tertius naturalium de generatione et corruptione

Avicenna - 1987 - Sınırlı önizleme
(Peeters 1987)
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Avicenna Latinus: Codices

Avicenna - 1994 - Sınırlı önizleme
In the years 1961-1972 Marie-Thirhse d'Alverny published in "Archives d'Histoire Doctrinale et Littiraire du Moyen Age 11 fascicles of a study of the codicological tradition of the Latin Avicenna. In these she identifies and describes more than ...
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Quarti libri Canonis Fen prima, de febribus

Avicenna - 1659 - Tam görünüm
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Avicenna and His Heritage: Acts of the International Colloquium Leuven ...

Jules L. Janssens, D. De Smet - 2002 - Sınırlı önizleme
Ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna, may be considered to be a major figure of the history of Arabo-Islamic philosophy, medicine and science. His influence was substantial and enduring, not only in the Islamic world, but also in medieval ...
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Gotthard Strohmaier - 2006 - Sınırlı önizleme
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The Phenomenological Quest Between Avicenna and Heidegger

Nader El-Bizri - 2000 - Sınırlı önizleme
Examines Avicenna’s phenomenological considerations of the question of being.
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Interpreting Avicenna: Science And Philosophy In Medieval Islam-Proceedings ...

Avicenna Study Group. Conference - 2004 - Sınırlı önizleme
The work treats various aspects of Avicennan philosophy and science. The topics include methods for establishing an authentic Avicenna corpus, natural philosophy and science, theology and metaphysics and Avicenna's subsequent historical influence.
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