I Wish I'd Made You Angry Earlier: Essays on Science, Scientists, and Humanity

Ön Kapak
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1998 - 354 sayfa
Perutz seeks to convince us that science is a passionate enterprise and the pursuit of knowledge a sortie into the unknown. There is no more persuasive advocate. These pages are filled with portraits of twentieth-century giants, Pauling, Meitner, Bragg, Haber, Medawar, Szilard, Jacob, Krebs, and others. There are entertaining glimpses of Perutz's own long and exceptional life: his flight from Vienna in the 30's and internment in Britain as an enemy alien in World War II, rescue from the sea after a U-boat attack, involvement in a scheme to make ships of ice for refuelling aircraft in the North Atlantic, and after the war his intense, ten-year struggle to perfect a new way of understanding protein structure and function. Perutz is an eloquent spokesman for humanitarian causes, and his observations on abortion issues, nuclear fuel reprocessing, and human rights reflect a lifelong concern for both social justice and scientific integrity.

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