His Story in the Stars

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There is a message in the sky. It is a message about God and his work. "Lift your eyes to the sky and see Who has created the stars. It is none other than the One who leads them by number, calling them all by name." Isa. 40:26. Adam named the animals but God named the stars.

This study is a revision of several previous works on the subject. The materials presented here are drawn heavily from these pioneers. Foremost recognition is given to Joesph A. Seiss and his "The Gospel In The Stars," originally published in 1882.

May you gain a fresh perspective, appreciation, as well as a greater understanding of the Infinite Wisdom of our Great Creator. While sublime lessons were drawn by the Master Designer with the intent to display His Glory, evil subverted such notions into the pseudo-science of astrology and its product, the horoscope.

May the rediscovery of God's original purpose strengthen your faith and confidence in His Word.


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