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Several small iron bridges in Shrop- terness when the dead body of her he so shire, and many others all over the king- much loved was carried into his chamber dom, besides the lock-gates on the Elles- that he might kiss it before it was for mere and other canals.

ever removed from his sight! At the present moment Hazledine's As a master he was kind and considerfoundry is executing a very extensive ate to all employed under him ; his workwork, namely, several pairs of iron lock- if they conducted themselves well, gates for Newport in Monmouthshire, became grey and died in his service. each pair weighing 120 tons, the largest A very short time before he was conever executed.

fined to bed by his last illness, a Noble. In 1832, when the present Queen, then man, equally distinguished by his literary Princess Victoria, and her august mo- and legal talents, and filling one of the ther, the Duchess of Kent, honoured the bighest situations which a subject can Earl of Liverpool with a visit at Pitch- occupy, arrived in the town, at a little beford-park, near Shrewsbury, Mr. Hazle- fore seven in the morning, and inquired at dine received, through the Earl of Liver. the Lion if Mr. Hazledine was likely to pool, commands to wait upon them, and

" Oh yes," was the reply : "he explain the principles and construction of passed here an hour and a half ago, on his the Menai suspension bridge--Hazledine's way to the Foundry.” I regret that,”! greatest work.

The royal party, ex: said his Lordship, “ for I wanted a few pressed great satisfaction at the lucid and minutes' conversation with him, which I instructive manner in which the explana- cannot now have ; but tell him from me, tions were given, and the tact and shrewd. that Lord inquired after him, and ness displayed in Mr. Hazledine's an- is happy to hear he is so well. My belief

Persons who were present de- is (added his Lordship) that William Ha. scribed the interview as most interesting. zledine is the first practical man in Eu. Mr. Hazledine received a present as a

rope.” token of approbation ; and the Duchess His body was interred in a vault in St. of Kent, when she passed over the Menai Chad's churchyard, which he caused to Bridge, examined every part of it minutely, constructed on the death of his youngest according to Mr. Hazledine's description, daughter; and in which the bodies of his and even entered the caves in which the wife and daughter are already deposited. iron suspension cables are fixed.

The funeral was attended by the Mayor This is a slight view of Mr. Hazle- and Corporation, and a very large con. dine's public works, and it gives a por- course of mourners. trait of him as a practical man. There The bust of the deceased, by Chantrey, are other features, which we are unable to an admirable likeness, will immediately paint with the warmth and fidelity which be placed upon the monument, many they deserve. His strong affection for the years ago constructed by himself, in sť. members of bis family rendered his fire. Chad's Church, as a companion to that of side one of the most happy round which his friend, Mr. Simpson, who erected the an English family ever gathered. He masonry of the Caledonian Canal. was ever devising some simple means of increasing their enjoyments; and he at

MR. T. B. Johnson. 11 tended personally to everything in which May 5. In London, Thomas Burgetheir comforts were involved. At that land Johnson, formerly a printer in Livertrying season, when the wheel of the pool. Union coach locked into that of his gig He passed the greater part of his life in on the Wyle Cop, and overthrew him and literary pursuits at Liverpool, where at shattered his arm in several places, and length his prospects became blighted, and he was carried home in a state which be removed to London in 1834. He was threw his affectionate wife into such agony soon after afflicted with ill health, which as deprived her of life by a disorder aris- continued to assail him till he expired, ing from the grief she suffered froin his leaving a widow and a daughter, twentyillness-even in that accumulation of sor- one years of age, in considerable distress. lows his presence of mind and affection. Mr. Johnson was long distinguished as a ate care never for a moment ceased, and writer on Field Sports, his principal work whilst suffering extreme agony from the of this class being the “ Sportsman's En. bone of his arm having to be again cyclopedia,” which is on an extensive broken by the surgeon-even then he plan, combining much original matter took upon himself the whole preparation and amusing anecdote, with the classifica. for the funeral of bis beloved wife, down tion of the various subjects treated upon. to the minutest particulars, and what all His portrait is prefixed to the work. His his own sufferings could not wring from other works of the same nature are: him, he gave way to with the utmost bit- The Shooter's Guide ; The Complete


Sportsman; The Shooter's Companion; of St. Bene't, Gracechureh, and St. Leo. The Hunting Directory; The Game. nard, Eastcheap, London; son of the keeper's Directory; The Shooter's Pre. Rev. Robert Watts, the much respected ceptor.

Librarian of Sion college. He was in. - He also wrote, in early life, a" History stituted to his churches (which are in the of Europe,” in four volumes, and " The alternate presentations of the Deans and Mystery of the Abbey," a novel. In Chapters of St. Paul's and Canterbury) 1839 he published his last work, viz. in 1829. " Physiological Observations on Mental Nov. 24. At Merston, Isle of Wight, Susceptibility.”

aged 88, the Rev. Wetenhall Sneyd, Yo er

Rector of Bletchingley, Surrey, and for CLERGY DECEASED. more than forty years Curate and Vicar 375 Oct. 24. The Rev. John Maginn, Rec. of Newchurch, Isle of Wight. He was tor of Castletownroche, co. Cork, brother collated to the vicarage of Newchurch in to the celebrated Dr. Maginn, of London. 1816 by Dr. Mansel, then Bp. of Bristol ; He bad recently received that preferment. and presented to Bletchingley in 1838, on

Oct. 26. Aged 52, the Rev. Anthony the death of the Rev. Jarvis Kenrick. Ward, Vibar of Eastrington, Yorkshire, Nov. 28. At Southampton, aged 74, to which he was presented in 1825 by the the Rev. George Secker, Prebendary of Lord Chancellor.

St. Paul's. He was of St. John's college, Oct. 27. At Fladbury, Worcestershire, Cambridge, B.A. 1788, M.A. 1791 ; and aged 25, the Rev. William Preedy, B.A. was collated to the prebend of Brownslate a commoner of Wadham college, wood (net income in 1831, 6102.) in 1807 Oxford ; the second son of W.F. Preedy, by Bp. Porteus. esq. of Fladbury.

Nov. 29. At Market Bosworth, LeiOct. 28. At Stone, Staffordshire, Rev. cestershire, aged 81, the Rev. Thomas James Farley Turner, B.A. Rector of Wright, M.A. for fifty-two years the St. Mary Major, Exeter, and Vicar of much-respected Rector of that parish. Kidderminster, late of Christ's college, He was of the Univ. of Cambridge, A.B. Cambridge; he was presented to his of St. John's 1779, M.A. of Emanuel, former church in 1829 by the Dean and 1782; and was presented to his living in Chapter of Exeter, and to Kidderminster 1788 by Sir Wolstan Dixie, Bart. in 1834 by Lord Foley.

Nov. 30. Aged 54, the Rev. C. L. In Hans-place, Chelsea, in his 85th Benwell, Curate of Fairford, Glouc. late year, the Rev. W. H. Vivian, uncle to Sir Lecturer of St. Mary's Redcliffe, Bristol. Hussey Vivian, K.C.B. Master of the He was son of the late Mr. Benwell, of Ordnance.

Reading. Aged 66, the Rev. William Tolbutt Dec. 1. At Hagley, aged 45, the Rev. Staines, Vicar of Aylesford, near Maid- John Malsby Kirby, B.D. Second Master stone, and formerly of Rochester. He of the Free Grammar School, Stourbridge, was a Fellow of Queen's college, Camb. and Chaplain to the Union: formerly of where he graduated B.A. 1797 as 1st se. Boston. nior Optime, M.A. 1800; and was pre- Dec. 1. Aged 82, the Rev. George sented to Aylesford in 1832 by the Dean Turner, Vicar of Spelsbury, Oxfordshire. and Chapter of Rochester.

He was formerly a Student of Christ Nov. 2. At Windlesham, Surrey, aged church, Oxford, took the degree of M.A. 75, the Rev. H. Hammond, Perpetual Cu- in 1783, and was presented to his living rate of Horsel, in that county, to which by that Society in 1792. he was presented by the trustees in 1801. Dec. 2. Aged 82, the Rev. William

Nov. 5. The Rev. William Henry Leonard, Incumbent of Hardwick, and Harvey, second son of the late Sir Robert Rector of Hethe, Oxfordshire. He was Bateson Harvey, of Langley-place, Bucks. ordained Curate of Hinton, NorthampHe was of Jesus college, Cambridge, tonshire, which curacy he held for forty LL.B. 1819.

years; was presented to Hardwick in Nov. 8. At the house of his uncle in 1799, and to Hethe recently by the Lord Suffolk, aged 35, the Rev. W. 8. Sinclair, Chancellor. leaving a widow and one child in Cam. Dec. 4. At Brimfield, Herefordshire, bridge) unprovided for.

aged 90, the Rev. William Booty, Vicar Nov. 10. At St. Alban's-place, Re- of Chaddleworth, Berks; for many years gent-street, aged 39, the Rev. William Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of GlouThomas Thompson, eldest son of C. cester, the brother of King George the Thompson, esq. late of Rochester. Third, and subsequently to the Duke of

Nov. 20. At the Chapter-house, St. Kent. He was presented to ChaddlePaul's, aged 39, the Rev. Robert Watts, worth in 1805 by the Dean and Chapter jun. M. A. Rector of the united parishes of Westminster.


Dec. 5. At Louth, co. Lincoln, aged Aged 87, D. Martineau, esq. of Stock59, the Rev. Stephen Preston, Curate of well Common. Little Grimsby and Conisholme. He Nov. 16. Aged 19, Jane, fourth dau. was the son of William Preston, esq. of Joseph Hanby, esq. of Middle Scotof Louth ; entered at Lincoln college, land-yard. Oxford, 'in 1802, graduated B.A._1803, Nov. 19. In Lansdowne-place, aged M.A. 1806, B.D. 1815, became a Fellow 85, Elizabeth, relict of George Snow, of that Society, and was for some time esq. of Langton, Dorset. Curate of St. Michael's, Oxford. He Sarah-Anne, wife of the Rev. J. J. combined many and varied qualifications Reynolds, Secretary of the London Sofor public usefulness; and the public in- ciety for Promoting Christianity amongst stitutions of Louth, as well as his parish- the Jews. ioners and neigbbours at large, have lost Nov. 20. In Wimpole-st. aged 92, in him a judicious friend and able sup- John Chalon, esq. formerly of the Royal porter.

Military College. The Rev. Robert_Parry Sidney, Rec- At Blackwall, aged 60, Mr. Samuel tor of Longworth, Berks. He was for- Lovegrove. Mr. L. has contributed not merly Fellow of Jesus college, Oxford, a little to the good living of the worthy where he graduated M.A. 1795, B.D. citizens of London. He first kept the 1803, and he was presented to his living Horn Tavern, in Doctors' Commons ; by that Society in 1820.

afterwards the Crown and Sceptre, at Dec. 6. At Buntingford, Herts, in his Greenwich; then built two splendid 80th year, the Rev. Samuel Dewe, for taverns at Blackwall, both of which be forty years Master of the Free Grammar occupied ; and at the same time kept School at that tosyn. He was a native of the well-known London Coffee-house, Oxford; matriculated at Trinity college Ludgate-hill. in 1778, and removed to Balliol the fol. Nov. 22. Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. lowing year on the attainment of an Ox- H. Mackenzie, M. A. Incumbent Minisford exhibition. He graduated B.A. 1782, ter of St. James's, Bermondsey. M.A. 1786.

At Croydon, aged 61, Edward Lul. Dec. 9. Aged 68, the Rev. George ham, esq. Maximilian Bethune, D.C.L. Rector of Nov. 23. At Camberwell, Edward, Worth, Sussex, and Brunstead, Norfolk. youngest son of R. E. Holme, esq. He was of University college, Oxford, In Burlington Gardens, aged 46, M.A. 1801, B. and D.C.L. 1809, was in- Frances Susan, wife of Col. the Hon. stituted to the rectory of Worth in 1803, Henry Cavendish, and only sister of the on his own presentation, and to that late Earl of Durham. She was married of Brunstead in 1804 by the Earl of first in 1811, to Col, the Hon. Frederick Abergavenny.

Howard, brother to the present Earl of

Carlisle, who died in 1815 of wounds DEATHS

received at Waterloo, leaving issue Fre

derick-John Howard, esq. now M.P. før LONDON AND ITS VICINITY.

Youghal, and another (posthumous) son Nov. 9. At Norfolk-street, Park-lane, who died in 1823; and in 1819 became Major-Gen. Wm. Hull, C.B. of the the second wife of Col. Cavendish, and Bombay Army.

has had issue five sons (of whom three Nov. 10. In Baker-st, aged 53, survive) and one daughter. Lieut.-Col. Crewe, of Loake's Hill, At Dalston, Susan, wife of Captain near High Wycombe.

Dashwood Strettell, 20th Madras N. Inf. Nov. 11. At Kensington, aged 89, Nov. 24. At Highgate, aged 54, WilMrs. Mary Grignon.

liam Fisher, esq. formerly of ChanceryNov. 13. In Upper Gloucester-place, lane. His body was interred in the Caroline, widow of John Law, esq. Highgate Cemetery. E. I. Co.'s Service.

Aged 74, James Watts, esq. of Col. Nov. 14. At Walham-green, Sarah, lege-st. Westminster, formerly a consi. wife of Capt. Kirkley, late of 39th regt. derable builder. He was senior burgess and eldest dau. of the late S. H. Rither. for the parish of St. John's, in the Court

of Westminster; a Governor of the T. E. Bryant, esq. of Harleyford- Grey Coat and Green Coat Hospitals, place, Kennington.

&c. Aged 57, Sophia, wife of William At Hackney, aged So, Isaac Booth, Hammond, esq. Russell-square.

esq. senior cashier in the bank of EngAt Cumberland-terrace, Regent's-park, land. aged 65, the widow of G. P. Tyler, esq.

The wife of John Jortin, esq. of Madras Civil Service.

Charlotte-st. Bedford-sq.

don, esq.

North, esq.

Nov. 25. In the New Kent-road, In Surrey-st. Strand, aged 82, J. Car-
Mr. Abraham Cohen Machin, of the ter, esq.
Stock Exchange.

At Stockwell Common, aged 26, Alice, At the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, wife of T. S. Hellier, esq. of the Woodaged 54, Anna-Maria, wife of William house, Staff. and Leamington, Warw.

Dec. 2. At Clapham, aged 74, Jennet. Nov. 27. At Kensington, aged 75, Ann, relict of Robert Bevill, esq. for Mrs. Janet Colhoun, dau. of the late J. many years Registrar of the Bedford Colboun, esq. of Rood-lane.

Level Corporation, and a Magistrate of Nov. 28. At Leicester-place, Mr. Worship-st. Police-office. Thos. Lindsay Willman, the celebrated Dec. 3. In Princes-st. Cavendish-sq. clarionet player, a director of the Phil. aged 27, Mr. F. W. Witsinghausen, of harmonic Band, and member of the Royal Christ's coll. Camb. Society of Musicians.

Dec. 4. In Cumberland-pl. Regent's Aged 80, Mr. Charles-Augustus Sa- Park, aged 23, Emma-Jane, wife of the vage, of Fetter.lane, formerly keeper of Hon. Sir Edward Butler, son of Lord the Red Hart livery-stables. He was 24 Dunboyne. She was the only daughter years a member of the Common Council and heir of Arthur Baily, esq. and niece for the Ward of Farringdon Without. of Francis Baily, esq. F.R.S. and was

Nov. 29. At Mecklenburgh-sq. James married on the 16th March, 1839. Mackenzie, esq. of Merklands, Perth- In Connaught-place West, Matilda, shire.

wife of W. H. Kitchen, esq. At Chelsea, in the house of her son- Dec. 5. In Spanish-pl. Manchesterin-law, in her 70th year, Mary, relict of sq. Charlotte, wife of John Moseley, esq. S. Godson, esq. land agent, &c. of of Great Glenham, near Saxmundham. Hook-Norton, Oxf.

At Kensington, aged 78, the widow of At Islington, aged 35, Hannah, wife of the Rev. Theophilus Lane, D.C.L. PreRichard Matthews, esq. of Histon, co. bendary of Hereford. Camb. barrister-at-law.

Dec. 8. In Tyssen-terr. Dalston, aged Mary-Ann, wife of George Gay, esq. 78, Joseph Partridge, esq. of Camberwell, sister of the Rev. Thos. Dec. 9. At Camberwell, aged 74, Moseley, Rector of St. Martin's, Bir Mary, relict of Bernard Wigg, esq. formingham.

merly of Plumstead Parva, Norfolk. Nov. 30. At Kensington, aged 63, Dec. 11. Aged 41, Dr. Michael Ryan, Sophia, wife of W. F. Chapman, esq. editor of the Medical and Surgical Lately. Aged 53, J. T. Morgan,

esq. Journal. He was an amiable and clever eldest son of the late Col. James Mor. man, and has left a young family wholly gan, of Southampton.

unprovided for. Aged 88, Mrs. Edmunds, aunt to the În Upper Grafton-st. Fitzroy-sq. aged Earl of Lindsey.

77, Mrs. Myatt. Gervase Wheeler, esq. of Bartlett's. At Kew Green, aged 83, Francis buildings, and of Elm Villa, Finchley. Bauer, esq. F.R.S., F.L.S., &c.

In London, M. de la Bourdonnais, In Cumberland-terr. Regent's Park, the first chess player in the world. James Bowness, esq. formerly of Lisbon.

Dec. 1. At the residence of her brother- Dec. 12. At Charles-st. St. James's, in-law, Francis Slater, esq. Stockwell. in his 35th year, Capt. the Hon. James common, aged 26, Alice, wife of Tho. Stuart, late of the 85th Light Infantry, mas Shaw Hellier, esq. of the Woodhouse, third son of the Right Hon. the Earl of Staffordshire, and Leamington, Warwick Moray, K.T. shire, only child of Wm. B. Pers- Dec. 14. At Homerton, aged_72, house, esq. of Penn Hall, Staffordshire. Frances, eldest dau. of the late John

In Henrietta-st. Cavendish-sq. aged 59, Squire, M.D. W. Tyler, esq.

Dec. 16. Aged 81, the Abbé de In Park-st. Westminster, at a very ad- Voyaux de Favers, for many years the vanced age, Maria-Lætitia, widow of Principal of the Roman Catholic Chapel Thomas Dyer, esq. and eldest dau. of the at Chelsea, late Archibald Grant, of Pittencrieff, esq. At Camberwell Grove, aged 86, Lewis

At Edonolio-Pl. Kensington, aged 76, Lewis, esq. the senior bridge-master of Dec. 17. At Camden Villas, Camden the City of London.

New-road, Janes Hutton, esq. R.N. Aged 63, Edward Greathed, esq. of Dec. 21. In Chester-terrace, Regent's Uddings House, Dorset,

Park, aged 32, James Abernethy, esq. Mrs. Tate, widow of Major Tate, and only son of the late John Abernethy, esq. niece to the late Col. James Lawrie. the celebrated surgeon; formerly a ComGENT. MAG. VOL. XV.


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moner of Brasenose College, Oxf. B.A. tain of the Port, and Superintendent of 1830.

Quarantine, at Gibraltar,

und Dec. 27. In Torrington-square, Mary, Nov. 17. At Plymouth, aged 76, wife of the Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. Lucretia Bedford, relict of the Rev. John daughter of the late Francis Hayward, Jago, D.D. Vicar of Milton Abbot. M.D. of Bath.

Nov. 18. At Cutsey, near Taunton,

aged 70, Betty, relict of the late Wm. Beds.Dec. 10. In her 77th year, Blake, esq.

mla Mary-Anne, relict of the Rev. Thomas Nov. 25. At Dawlish, Georgina TryGregory, late Vicar of Henlow.

phena, youngest dau. of John Harvey BERKS.--Nov. 9. At Windsor, aged Thursby, esq. of Abington Abbey, 38, Dr. J. Macbraire.

Northamptonshire. Nov. 21. At Reading, in his 87th Nov. 27. At South Petherton, aged year, Thomas Ward, esq. Mayor of 72, Margaret, wife of the Rev. D. Reading in 1819.

Richards, dau. of the late J. Toller, esq. At Walliscote, near Reading, in the Nov. 29. At Instow, aged 74, of his son-in-law Capt. R. Mer- Col. Lang, formerly of Blemheyes, near rick Fowler, R.N. aged 82, James Dash. Exeter. wood, esq. of Forest Lodge, near Brack. Lately. At Exmouth, Count de nell, Berks, and of Vallow-wood, co. Vismes, Prince de Pointhieu. Somerset ; brother of Rear-Adm. Sir Dec. 1. At Talaton, where he had Charles Dashwood, K.C.B.

been residing for the

benefit of his health, Dec. 15. At Wargrave, aged 55, aged 40, George Cbarles Constantine Francis Bramah, esq. second son of the Lord Bruce, eldest son of the Earl of late Joseph Bramab,

esq. engineer. Elgin. He was of Christ Church, OxDec. 17. At Windsor Castle, aged 80, ford. He died unmarried, and his half Capt. Strange, one of the Military brother, born in 1816, is now heir appaKnights.

rent to the Earldom. BUCKS.Nov. 6. At the residence of At Bridgetown, Totness, aged 68, her father, Taplow, aged 36, Catharine, Ann, relict of Capt. C. S. Compton. youngest dau. of Robert Bird, esq. of Elizabeth, third dau. of G. Barne, esq. Barton-on-the-Heath, Warw.

of New Place, Tiverton. CAMBRIDGE.--Nov. 24. Anne, wife of Dec. 2. At Ilfracombe, aged 18, W. W. Nash, esq. of Royston.

Charlotte, second dau. of Samuel E. Nov. 28. At Cambridge, Henrietta, Clark, esq. wife of J. C. Rowlatt, esq. of Queen's At Torquay, aged 17, Thomas BromColl, Camb. dau. of the late Capt. J. B. by, youngest son of the Rev. J. H. Samson, of Dibdin, Hants.

Bromby, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Hull. CHESHIRE.-—Dec. 8, Aged 82, Mary, Dec. 5. At Dawlish, aged 92, Henry daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Mad- Lodge, esq. He was 30 years in the dock, formerly Rector of Liverpool, and civil service of the East India Company. sister of the late Rev. Thomas Maddock, Dec. 6. At Ringmore, aged 71, T. Prebendary of Chester.

Bennett, esq. CORNWALL.–Dec. 8. At Penheale, Dec. 10. Aged 85, Sarah, wife of the Anne, wife of the Rev. Henry Adding- Rev. Thomas Tanner, of Bradninch. ton Simcoe, second dau. of the late Rev. DORSET.-Nov. 14. At Milborne St. Edward Palmer, of Moseley, Worc. Andrew, Ann, wife of Lieut. Rogers, of

Dec. 15. At Penbeale, near Laun- the Dorset Militia, ceston, the wife of the Rev. H. A. Sim. Dec. 13. At Blandford, aged 80,

John Dansey, esq. CUMBERLAND.-Nov. 23. At Nether. At Weymouth, aged 83, Wm. Oakley, by, Georgiana, dau. of the late Col. and esq. one of the Justices of the Peace for Lady Elizabeth Callender, of Craigforth, that borough. Stirlingshire.

ESSEX.--Nov. 24. At Lexden Park, Nov. 28. Aged 72, Mary, second near Colchester, aged 64, John Fletcher dau. of the late Rev. Dr. James, Rector Mills, esq. late High Sheriff for the of Artburet and Kirkandrews.

county. DERBY.Dec. 11. Aged 84, B. Lucas, Nov. 29. At Great Ropers, Southesq. of Hasland.

weald, aged 61, John Hirst, esq. a magis. Devon.—Nov. 13. At Clyst Honi. trate and Deputy Lieutenant for the ton, aged 77, Mary, relict of Gregory county, and formerly a Capt. in the Webber, esq. sof Woodbeer Cottage, Royal Horse Guards Blue. Plymtree.

Dec. 6. Sophia, wife of Richard Nov. 14. At Staplake Mount, aged Birch Wolfe, esq. of Wood Hall. 66, W. Sweetland, esq. many years Cap-GLOUCESTER.-Nov. 23. At her son's


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