On intelligence, tr. by T.D. Haye and revised by the author, 1. cilt

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Sayfa 184 - But the passage from the physics of the brain to the corresponding facts of consciousness is unthinkable. G ranted that a definite thought and a definite molecular action in the brain occur simultaneously ; we do not possess the intellectual organ, nor apparently any rudiment of the organ, which would enable us to pass, by a process of reasoning, from the one to the other.
Sayfa 5 - Handbook of British Mosses, containing all that are known to be natives of the British Isles. By the Rev. MJ BERKELEY, MA, FLS Demy 8vo, 24 Coloured Plates, 21*.
Sayfa 5 - FERNY COMBES; a Ramble after Ferns in the Glens and Valleys of Devonshire. By CHARLOTTTE CHANTER. Second Edition. Fcp. 8vo, 8 coloured plates by Fitch, and a Map of the County, 5*.
Sayfa 2 - FLORA. VITIENSIS; a Description of the Plants of the Viti or Fiji Islands, with an Account of their History, Uses, and Properties.
Sayfa 1 - A Second Century of Orchidaceous Plants, selected from the Subjects published in Curtis's " Botanical Magazine " since the issue of the "First Century.
Sayfa 10 - Curtis's Entomology," which Cuvier pronounced to have " reached the ultimatum of perfection," is still the standard work on the Genera of British Insects. The Figures executed by the author himself, with wonderful minuteness and accuracy, have never been surpassed, even if equalled. The price at which the work was originally published was £43 16*.
Sayfa 54 - A whole ship's company was thrown into the utmost consternation by the apparition of a cook who had died a few days before. He was distinctly seen walking a-head of the ship, with a peculiar gait by which he was distinguished when alive, through having one of his legs shorter than the other. On steering the ship towards the object, it was found to be a piece of floating wreck.
Sayfa 6 - Alga: of the Southern Ocean, being Figures and Descriptions of Marine Plants collected on the Shores of the Cape of Good Hope, the extratropical Australian Colonies, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Antarctic Regions. By Dr. HARVEY, FRS Imperial 8vo, 50 Coloured Plates, £2. 2*. A selection of Fifty Species of remarkable forms of Seaweed, not included in the ' Phycologia Australica,
Sayfa 3 - Handbook of the New Zealand Flora ; a Systematic Description of the Native Plants of New Zealand, and the Chatham, Kermadec's, Lord Auckland's, Campbell's, and Macquarrie's Islands.

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