A Bibliography of Children's Reading

Ön Kapak
Teachers College, 1908 - 129 sayfa
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Sayfa 39 - The Deerslayer The Last of the Mohicans The Pathfinder The Pioneers The Prairie The Red Badge of Courage Letters from an American Farmer...
Sayfa 24 - The Children's Book: A Collection of the Best and Most Famous Stories and Poems in the English Language; new ed.
Sayfa 30 - But the impersonal reasons are — first, that the book is good and lovely, and true ; having the best description of a. noble child in it, (Winny,) that I ever read ; and nearly the best description of the next best thing — a noble dog...
Sayfa 5 - A survey of the field brings the conviction that not the dearth, but the abundance, of reading matter begins to be the problem. The bookish boy has too much to read, and he may easily read too many things. To hurry through one book to another, and through that to the next, is not the way either to clear ideas, fixed ideals, or good habits. 1t is time for us to consider seriously how, out of the large choice offered, we can select at least a group of books that we can somehow induce or beguile a child...
Sayfa 65 - Roosevelt, Theodore, and Lodge, Henry Cabot Hero Tales from American History. Century.
Sayfa 8 - Aulnoy, MC Fairy Tales; newly translated into English with an introduction by Anne Thackeray Ritchie; illustrated by Clinton Peters. Scribner. New ed. Pp. 535. 8 to 12. Bain, RN, comp. Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales. Scribner. 1llustrated by EW Mitchell. Pp. 290. o to 12. Russian Fairy Tales, from the "Skazki

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