From Poimandres to Jacob Böhme: Gnosis, Hermetism and the Christian Tradition

Ön Kapak
Roelof van den Broeck, Cis van Heertum
BRILL, 2000 - 432 sayfa
The studies collected in this volume deal with ancient, medieval and early modern forms of Gnosis and the diverse expressions of their myths, rites, ideas and expectations. The emphasis lays on Hermetism in Antiquity and its influence in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the early modern period. The 14 contributions were written by R. van den Broek (3), C. Gilly (2), P. Kingsley (2), J.-P. Mahe (1), and G.Quispel (6). The book contains discussions of several aspects of the Hermetic and Gnostic tradition, such as hermetic religious practices, magic, alchemy, apocalyptic visions, and the influence of Hermetic ideas on Early Christian and medieval theologians. The volume is of interest for students of Graeco-Roman religiosity, Early Christianity, medieval theology and the Hermetic traditions in the Renaissance and later western culture

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J R RITMAN Per Unum Ad Unum
R VAN DEN BROEK Introduction
Approaching Ancient Esoteric Tradition
The Etymology of the Name and the Origins of the Hermetica
New Light from Nag Hammadi
R VAN DEN BROEK The Hermetic Apocalypse and other Greek Predictions of the End of Religion
Pagan Witnesses to the Truth of Christianity
G QUISPEL Hermes Trismegistus and the Origins of Gnosticism 167 G QUISPEL Reincarnation and Magic in the Asclepius
G QUISPEL The Original Doctrine of Valentinus the Gnostic
G QUISPEL Transformation through Vision in Jewish Gnosticism and the Cologne Mani Codex
J P MAHÉ La Renaissance et le mirage égyptien
Telif Hakkı

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Yazar hakkında (2000)

Roelof van den Broek, Dr.Theol. (1972), University of Utrecht, is Emeritus Professor of History of Christianity at the University of Utrecht. His publications include "Studies in Gnosticism and Alexandrian Christianity" (Brill, 1996).

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