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In this Travelling age, and amidst the prevailing mania for writing Tours, to produce any thing novel in that way is a difficulty, which the Author is very far from pretending to have overcome. But, encouraged by the friendly approbation bestowed on a former volume,* he ventures to lay the present work before the Public. And should it be thought that he has dwelt too long on some subjects, or expressed himself too warmly on others; the best apology he can offer is that the descriptions, remarks, and sentiments contained in the following pages,

* “Journal of a Tour through part of France, Flanders, and Holland, including a Visit to Paris, and a “Walk over the Field of Waterloo, in 1816.—Printed, not for sale but, for private



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however they may fall short of establishing a just claim to the reader's attention, are the genuine result of impressions made on the eye and heart of the writer, by scenery replete with attractions of the sublime and beautiful, and by objects equally calculated to excite a spirit of inquiry and to awaken interest in the reflecting mind.

Norroich, March 23, 1827.

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