The Stone Age

Ön Kapak
Amazon, 29 May 2014 - 478 sayfa
Ancient Pakistan - An Archaeological History deals with the prehistory of Pakistan from the Stone Age to the end of the Indus Civilization. This particular volume, The Stone Age, concerns with the first appearance of man in northern Pakistan more than a million years ago and traces his cultural history up to the emergence of agriculture and sedentary living in this region. The book is written for students of ancient history, anthropology, and archaeology. The material is generously illustrated with a large number of maps, tables, drawings, and colored photographs. Each Section is provided with extensive references to the text and a comprehensive bibliography is provided for those who want to dig deeper into the subject. Although the book primarily deals with the Greater Indus Valley, its scope is much wider: the subject has been discussed in context with the paleolithic of India, Central Asia, and Iran. The story of human evolution provides a constant background.

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Human Dispersal of Humans and Peopling of Pakistan
Genetic Footprints of the Indus Man and the Legacy of the Borderlands
Stones Stones and More Stones
A Paleolithic Journey
The Mesolithic Transition
The World of HunterGatherers
Telif Hakkı

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Yazar hakkında (2014)

Dr. M.Ahmed is a native of Pakistan, educated in Germany. He is neither a professional historian nor an archaeologist. Early history of mankind has been his passion and South Asian archaeology is one of his keen interests. As a lay historian, not attached with any academic institution, Dr. Ahmed brings an entirely fresh perspective to the subject. Keywords: Prehistory, paleolithic, stone age, South Asia, Pakistan, Indus Valley, India, human evolution, hunter-gatherers.

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