Human And Faith Visual/Interactive Book: New Perspectives from the Treatise of 23. Word

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Ediz Sözüer, 8 Oca 2019 - 151 sayfa

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Our book is free. The whole book can be read in “Free Sample” section. It is not necessary to give your credit card information. You can download our book in word or pdf format from the following web addresses: or You can download the text of our book and its visual/interactive versions from the folder of “New Perspectives from the Treatise of 23. Word” in “English Books” section in this address. Besides, you can view or download the files of all of our books, and videos, texts and PowerPoint presentations of our seminars altogether or one by one, from these storage spaces where all of our work on Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) are uploaded.

In Google Books and Google Play, it is not possible to open and view the links and videos just by clicking them. We suggest that you download the Pdf files from the address we provide before or from Google Books and read them. 

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Human And Faith

New Perspectives from the Treatise of 23. Word

Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program

We are inviting you for an utterly different experience, an interactive book full of incredible discoveries, where you will come to an impressive visual journey.


In total, there are 172 visuals and 12 videos utilized (rate of visuality is 50%) in this enormous study, where interactive visuals are also used. It is a first attempt in its area worldwide. 

This book entitled "HUMAN AND FAITH", which is an explanatory work based on the 23rd Word of the Book of Words of Risale-i Nur, elaborates on the high value of the human that appears together with Faith and the beauties of the faith. 23. Word is a special book written about the nature/character of human and faith, which has a great depth of meaning despite its small volume.

When you finish the book, you will witness that the  beauties of the faith, which reveal the high value of the human being and the true character of the universe and which make them visible, are shown with an unprecedented style and with a clarity that could be accepted by anyone who is just and fair.

This book is a part of our larger work, the book called “A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure: Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” which is the basic/source and the curriculum of “The Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur Training Program”

This work is a part of our basic/source book called “A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure: Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” upon which our “Journeys of Discovery, Risale-i Nur Training Program” is constructed and it is “Man’s High Value That Becomes Apparent with Faith and the Beauties of the Being Faithfull”, which is the third discovery of the five discovery, dealt with in the first main part of that book, which is called “Discovering the Value of the Treasure of Faith”.

We strongly suggest and present this book to those who regularly read Risale-i Nur as well as to those who want to get some information for the first time.

The epilogue of our book which is entitled “Your Journey Just Begins Now!” is also included in this work as it contains emotional, striking and impressive points coming sincerely from the deepest parts of our hearts about the reading of Risale-i Nur and attendance to the Risale-i Nur Lectures. 


Reading and watching the written truths in a verbal and visual format (with additional explanations not provided in our book) enables you to better understand and feel them. In this way, you are following the most fruitful method in understanding the knowledge of faith, which cannot be understood just with intellect but rather are “felt truths”, and in opening the door for new perspectives for them. We keenly believe that with this method of reinforcement (Allah willing) highest level of benefit will be realized in terms of understanding Risale-i Nur and the universe.

When you open Pdf document on your computer with Adobe Reader you can read it better by choosing “two pages” option and zooming in. Since full-screen mode of the “Microsoft Word” changes the places of the visuals, you should read it in page format by zooming in. We would rather prefer if you would download it in Pdf format and read it with Adobe Acrobat due to both its small size and readability it in this way.

It is possible to click links and open the word and Pdf files and videos within this interactive book in your computers and cell phones. (In your cell phone use Wps Office for Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pdf files. Wps Office is a useful program which opens the footnotes when clicked upon but it can’t open the links in this way. For this reason, we suggest that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to benefit from the interactive features of the book.)


- Picasso’s Painting

It is shown, with a beautiful style, which leaves its taste in the mind, that the real valuation of man is only possible with the recognition of the fact that he is a wonder of art, through faith, which means his loyalty to his creator.

-The Real Truth, Which Is Brilliant and Beautiful, of the Universe

It is told in a very striking example that the person who does not listen to the Divine revelation looks like a person who is just trying to illuminate the darkness in front of him just with a pocket flashlight.

- The Source of An Amazing Feeling of Confidence

It is discovered with a brilliant example that giving up carrying this burden of life on one's shoulders and leaving it to the power and wisdom of Allah is a great source of confidence.

- The Difference of the Man

The profound secret, why the human being, unlike animals, needs to learn and improve himself constantly is skilfully removed from where it is hidden and it is brought to the daylight.

- Discovery of the Subtle Secret of Supplication/Prayer

It is told why the prays are not accepted every time, what the purpose of the pray should be, and what the most beautiful result of the pray is for the human being.

-‘On the Concept of “Self Confidence/Reliance”

As we try we try to explain the relationship of man with the nature, with the Creator and with himself, we see how misleading this corrupt concept (nature) is.

- Small Targets, Low Tastes

We sink ourselves into the effort of understanding the relation of the man with life and its tastes.

- Big Target, High Tastes

We start questioning the life styles and try to look at different styles of lives that we see around ourselves from a different perspective.

- Being Suspicious of Our Lifestyle

We are trying to realize that the glorious human civilization is actually nothing more that the gathering together of the pieces of a Lego package and we are investigating how we should try to achieve happiness.

- A Tremendous Truth Worth Being Discovered

It is revealed how the true worth of man has emerged and what kind of a great source of power and wealth it could be.

- For Those Who Wonder About the Secret of the Universe

Very remarkable answers are given to the questions of what  the true nature of man's high duties are and what the essence of the meaningful servitude, which uncovers the secret of existence of the universe, is and it is stated that human being is expected to voluntarily assume these great duties.


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Short Biography

Ediz SÖZÜER was born in Ankara in 1974. He works as Revenue Specialist at Revenue Administration.

“A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure:  Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” is the work of the author which is a book published for free on the internet as  a basic resource upon which all other work of the author is based.

His journey, which started with writing explanatory notes on Risale-i Nur and with his articles on Risalehaber (Risalenews) website, continued with seminars on “New Perspectives from the Treatise of Nature” which are based on academic work and supported by visuals.

He has always considered this work as a project that is able to bring the Quranic Truths in the Works of Risale-i Nur, a Nonmaterial Treasure of Knowledge, to the use by Humanity and to make a significant contribution to the mental transformation that we need as a society.

In order to bring the completed book to large masses, he started to present “The Journeys of Discovery:  Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” once every two weeks as a continuous program, in the form of a visual book which is based on the printed book“.

In addition to that, he has made, as part of his academic educational activities, several presentations on “Educational Approach of Medresetüzzehra” and “Explanatory Work for Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light).

His wish from those who are aware of these works and his words to those who set their heart on Risale-i Nur are as following:

“Please do not attach the importance to my worthless and unimportant personality but rather to the truths that came to the light splendidly as a blessing from Allah and look after them. This is all that I ask from you.

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You can both view and download the files of texts and all interactive books, videos, texts and PowerPoint presentations of all training program seminars from these storage areas where our work on Risale-i Nur was clustered together and all content of academic training program with visual supports are published.

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