The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers, from the Spectator

Ön Kapak
American Book Company, 1892 - 148 sayfa

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Sayfa 139 - why did our Creator wise! that peopled highest heav'n With spirits masculine, create at last This novelty on earth, this fair defect Of nature? and not fill the world at once With men, as angels, without feminine? Or find some other way to generate Mankind? This mischief had not then bcfall'n,
Sayfa 63 - so sanded; and their heads are hung With ears that sweep away the morning dew; Crook-kneed, and dew-lapp'd like Thessalian bulls; Slow in pursuit, but match'd in mouth like bells, Each under each. A cry more tunable Was never halloo'd to, nor cheer'd with horn.
Sayfa 17 - in his behavior, that he is rather beloved than esteemed. His tenants grow rich, his servants look satisfied, all the young women profess love to him, and the young men are glad of his company: when he comes into a house he calls the servants by their names, and talks all
Sayfa 134 - and was extremely puzzled to think what would become of Pyrrhus. When Sir Roger saw Andromache's obstinate refusal to her lover's importunities, he whispered me in the ear, that he was sure she would never have him ; to which he added, with a more than ordinary vehemence, " You can't imagine, sir, what 'tis to have
Sayfa 133 - and mended their pace behind me, in proportion as I put on to get away from them. You must know," continued the knight with a smile, " I fancied they had a mind to hunt me; for I remember an honest gentleman in my neighborhood, who was served such a trick in King Charles II.'s
Sayfa 18 - 1 that he fills the chair at a quarter-session with great abilities, and three months ago, gained universal applause by explaining a passage in the game-act. The gentleman next in esteem and authority among us, is another bachelor, who is a member of the Inner Temple;
Sayfa 132 - MY friend Sir Roger de Coverley, when we last met together at the Club, told me, that he had a great mind to see the new tragedy 2 with me, assuring me at the same time, that he had not been at a play these twenty years. " The last I saw," said Sir Roger, "was 'The Committee,
Sayfa 122 - with such an air of cheerfulness and good humor, that all the boys in the coffee-room (who seemed to take pleasure in serving him) were at once employed on his several errands, insomuch that nobody else could come at a dish of tea, till the knight had got all his conveniences about him. L.
Sayfa 41 - of an old abbey, there is a long walk of aged elms; which are shot up so very high, that when one passes under them, the rooks and crows that rest upon the tops of them seem to be cawing in another region. I am very much delighted with this sort
Sayfa 125 - Nothing material happened in the remaining part of our journey, till we were set down at the west end of the Abbey. As we went up the body of the church, the knight pointed at the trophies upon one of the new monuments, and cried out, "A brave man, I warrant him!" Passing afterwards by Sir Cloudsly Shovel,

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