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Gentleman's Magazine :


Historical Chronicle.

From JULY to DECEMBER, 1810.








at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street;
where LETTERS are particularly requested to be sent, Post-PAL.

And sold by J. HARRIS (Successor to Mrs. NEWBERY),
at the Corner of St. Paul's Church Yard, Ludgate Street. 1810.


ON COMPLETING THE SECOND PART OF VOL. LXXX. URBAN, full well thy pleasing Volumes Our unborn sons thy pages shall ex. shew

plore, How weeks, and months, and years re- For History, Science, and Heraldic Lore, volving flow.

Biography authentic here we see, One week commenc'd, the days unheeded And columns stor'd with Genealogy: run,

Religion, Politicks, their place have A second comes, and lo! a third's begun. gain'd, The fourth arrives; the month completed And free Discussions, candidly maintain'd. flies,

The Muse, well lov'd, her niche allotted And thy lov'd page again salutes our eyes, fills, Thus months on months successive pass And guides the streams from fam'd Paraway,

nassus' hills. Years upon years, and bring our latest So rich, authentic, and well-stor’d thy day.

page, Too sure, though distant hop'd, OUR "Twill serve to teach, to guide, and mend

turn must come, To sleep, unconscious, in the silent tomb! Were Fate to doom the writings of the But Thou for ever liv'st! Far-spreading


To sink to earth, and never more arise, To distant shores extends thy honour'd Thy Works would chase dull Ignorance

away, Thy labours to th' extent of Time shall Renew the empire, and give back the live,

day! And still Instruction, still Amusement A monument more durable than brass, give :

To shew posterity what URBAN was!

the age.



(FROM FELIX FARLEY'S BRISTOL JOURNAL.) WITH rueful length of face in dingy And does Massena in his mournful mood black,

Amuse the British Chief with Gallic The Newsman scrambles on his annual blood ? hack:

The rains have sav'd him-or his host Not the rich stream whose wafted odours had met greet

The rough salute of Britain's bayonet ; From Adams' door each passer in the No longer curs'd the foe beyond their street;

reach, When fond anticipations of mince-pies But learnt that lesson which they sought Melt from the mouth, and glisten in the to teach : eyes ;

Soon may the Fabian wile of brave delay Not the huge ox display'd in red and white Change to the valour of a well-fought day! At Grant's broad door, and stuck with Did I such themes of gladdening import hollies bright;

bring, Not the shrill squeak of pigs, whose tune- The victor Wellesley, the recover'd King; ful strife

With home-brew'd ale the tankard foamUpbraids the market, and arraigns the

ing o'er knife;

Would send the Newsman hearten'd from Not all can cheer this melancholy time, Once usher'd in with revelry and rhyme. Then let his hopes and wishes somewhat Affliction bows the Royal Father's head, And sickness chains him to a wakeful bed. The dearth of news is not the Newsman's Yet see, some flickering gleams of hope blame. appear,

Besides, whate'er the present, view the And still may gladness crown the festive

past; year;

What joy has fill'd his horn's triumphant Health, though awhile delay'd, shall soon blast! return,

Has he not told of Spain ber foes assailing, And tear him from the lost Amelia's urn, The fleet of Cadiz, and the fight of Baylen? How fares the battle-is it lost or Then let the wine that flows from honest won ?

[ton? barley, Smiles Conquest still on gallant Welling- Reward the services of FELIX FARLEY.

your door,





Dec. 31, 1810. WERE it permitted us to contrast to the spreading gloom in the Political hemisphere, the luminous splendour which still accompanies the Literary exertions of our Countrymen, we could not fail to impart to our Readers in general, some rays of Hope and Consolation. But we cannot disguise, nor do we wish to suppress, our emotions of Sensibility. Through a long continued series of years, through various changes, trials, and dangers, we have preserved and maintained a proud character for our steady Loyalty ; we have invariably professed our devotion to our beloved Sovereign ; and this, our eternal and immutable attachment, 143 far as in us lies, we would have descend to our Posterity. Our first emotions, therefore, in commencing our Literary exertions for the new year, are directed to our Monarch, and his present condition, his sorrows, and his sufferings. May the Almighty soon and effectually restore him to his People ! May be be the instrument in the hand of a gracious Providence, to check, controul, and overcome the Ambition and the Tyranny of our implacable Adversary!

Let us now turn to a fairer and more enlivening scene.-When we look back on the mass of materials in every province of Literature, which our numerous Friends and generous Patrons in the last year placed before us, we are inpressed, as it becomes us to be, with the liveliest sensations of satisfaction and gratitude. There is no part of Literature, of Science, and of Art, which has not been explored for our use, and for the benefit of our Readers. The task of selecting from these materials, so comprehensive, and so various, has indeed been pleasing, but not without its difficulty. renuis tu quod jubet alter.

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We have acted, however, with the strictest impartiality; and have been guided, as we ever shall be guided, by the sole idea of producing a mass of Miscellaneous matter, from which the Studious may be improved, the General Reader , satisfied, and all, if not instructed, gratified and amused. We might indeed assert higher claims to praise and encouragement ; as we are conscious that profound subjects in Theology, that critical intricacies in the Greek and Latin Classicks, and that various subtleties in the other branches of Science, have been illustrated and explained in our progressive pages. We leave these, however, to speak for themselves, presuming on the continuance of that indulgence, which seems to have grown with the growth of our Publication. With confidence, therefore, which such long experience justifies and inspires, we invite our Friends and Correspondents to continue to us their kind assistance. Such labours and exertions as these our pages record and perpetuate, afford a pleasing relief and repose, from the tumult, the din, and the discord of Political concussions. Here then let our peaceful efforts be directed and exercised ; and whilst

the Fiend of War, That now relentless o'er Europa's plains Roams uncontroul'd, and drives his iron car

Through scenes of horror and o'er heaps of slain *,". Let us address ourselves to Genius and to Science, and implore them to sooth and harmonize the disturbed and angry passions of mankind, by their protection, and their influence.

May a succeeding year unfold a more propitious prospect, and our Countrymen be blessed with the return of Happiness and Peace!

“Haste, happier hours !"

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* From Roscoe's translation of the Greek Verses addressed by Musuaris to Leo X

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