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I. P. Papinii Statii Opera Omnia ex editione Bipontina

cum notis et interpretatione in usum Delphini.

Vol. I.-IV. 1824. .

. 281

II. Essays on the Accordance of Christianity with the

Nature of Man. By EDWARD Fry. 12mo. 1857. 307

III. 1. An Essay on the History and Management of Literary,

Scientific, and Mechanics’ Institutions. By James

HOLE, Esq., Honorary Secretary to the Yorkshire

Union of Mechanics' Institutions. 1853.

2. How to Learn and What to Learn. Two Lectures

advocating the system of Examinations instituted by

the Society of Arts. By JAMES Booth, LL.D.,


3. Systematic Instruction and Periodical Examination.

By Dr. Booth. 1857.

4. Reports of the Yorkshire Union of Mechanics' Institu-

tions for 1856—7.

5. Examination Papers for the Society of Arts for 1856—7. 323

IV. Memorials, Scientific and Literary, of Andrew Crosse,

the Electrician. 1857. .'


V. 1. A Return of the Number of Electors in every County

and Division of County in Great Britain, according

to the Registers of 1850—56, &c., . ... with the

Population of each County and Division of a County,

according to the Census of 1851. [House of Com-

mons: Mr. LOOKE King.]

2. A Return, &c. (House of Lords : Lord BROUGHAM.]

3. Speech of Lord Brougham on Representative Reform.

House of Lords. August 3, 1857.

VI. Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa :

being a Journal of an Expedition undertaken under the

auspices of H.B.M.'s Government in the years 1849—

1855. By HENRY BARTH, Ph.D.C.L. In 5 Volumes.

Vols. I., II., III. 1857.


VII. 1. The Cotton Crisis ; and How to Avert it. 1857.

2. Address to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, on

the subject of Cotton Cultivation in India. 1857.

'3. De Bow's Encyclopedia of the Trade and Commerce of

the United States. 1854.

4. Letters from the Slave States. By JAMES STIRLING.


pany. 1857.

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5. A Few Months in America. By JAMES ROBERTSON.


6. Statistics of the Cotton Trade. By RICHARD BURN.


7. Western India. By ALEXANDER MACKAY. 1853.

8. India as it may be. By GEORGE CAMPBELL. 1853.

9. Indian Irrigation. By Lieutenant-Colonel C. W.

GRANT. 1854

10. Public Works in India. By Lieutenant-Colonel Cotton.


11. How are Increased Supplies of Cotton to be obtained ?

A Paper read before the Society of Arts, London, May

13, 1857. By J. B. SMITH, Esq., M.P.

12. Prospectus of the Madras Irrigation and Canal Com-


VIII. Chansons de Béranger. Edition Complète. 1852. 449

IX. 1. Life in Ancient India. By Mrs. Speir. 1856.

2. Modern India. By GEORGE CAMPBELL, Esq., Civil

Service. 1852.

3. Letters and Journals of Sir Charles Napier. 1857.

4. Sir. E. PERRY's Bird's-eye View of India.

5. Speeches of Lord John RUSSELL, Mr. DISRAELI, Mr.

MANGLES, Mr. VERNON Smity, and Viscount Pal-

MERSTON, on the Debate on India, on Monday, the

27th of July.

6. Speeches of Sir De LACY Evans and Viscount PAL-

MERSTON, on Tuesday, the 11th of August, on the

Indian Crisis, and the Military Measures necessary.

7. Sketch of the Political History of India from the Intro-

duction of Mr. Pitt's Bill, 1784 to 1811. By JOHN

MALCOLM, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Madras Army,

Resident at Mysore, and Envoy to the Court of

Persia. 1811.

8. The English in Western India. By the Rev. J. ANDER-

SON, A.M. 1856.

9. The Mutiny of the Bengal Army, by One who has

served under Sir C. Napier. 1857.

10. The Mutiny of the Bengal Army. 1857.

11. Allen's Indian Mail, July, August, and September.

12. Remarks on the Native Troops of the Indian Army.

By Major John JACOB. 1854.

13. History of the East India Company. By J. W. KAYE.


14. Les Anglais et l'Inde, par E. de VALBEZEN. 1857.

15. The Homeward Mail, August 31.



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