The Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak
J. M'Creery, 1806 - 472 sayfa
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Sayfa 49 - E quanto più aver obligo si possa " A principe, sua terra havrà a costui; " Non perché fia de le paludi mossa " Tra campi fertilissimi da lui; " Non perché la farà con muro e fossa " Meglio capace a' cittadini sui; " El ' ornerà di templi e di palagi, " Di piazze, di teatri, e di mille agi;
Sayfa 49 - Aligero Leon, terrà difesa; '' Non perché quando la Gallica face " Per tutto avra' la bella Italia accesa, " Si starà solo co'l suo stato in pace, " E dal timor e da tributi illesa ; " Non sì per questi & altri benefici, " Saran sue genti ad Ercol ' debitrici;
Sayfa 130 - of whom made a remark which, as lord Herbert justly observes, ENGLAND SHOULD NEVER FORGET. " Let us" said he, " leave off our attempts against the Terra firma. " The natural situation of islands seems not to sort with " conquests in that kind. England alone is a just empire;
Sayfa 49 - ornerà di templi e di palagi, " Di piazze, di teatri, e di mille agi; " Non perché da gli artigli de' l ' audace " Aligero Leon, terrà difesa; '' Non perché quando la Gallica face
Sayfa 233 - assent of the whole college to abide by his decision, assumed to himself the pontificate; an event which induced the cardinals not to intrust this power in future to any of their number, without such restrictions as might effectually prevent the recurrence of a similar event.
Sayfa 397 - who arrived at Rome in the year 1512, at the opening of the fifth session of the Lateran council. The great number of ecclesiastics from Syria, Ethiopia, and other parts of the east, who attended that council afforded him an opportunity of prosecuting his studies with advantage; and at the request of the cardinal Santa
Sayfa 53 - of happier times. The pretensions of Louis XII. to the kingdom of Naples had received an effectual check by the defeat of his troops on the Garigliano, and although the remains of his army had effected a retreat to Gaeta, yet all that now remained for them, was to obtain a capitulation on such terms
Sayfa 43 - conceive that he would long enjoy the pontificate, that Galeotto is said to have promised the cardinal, who had not yet attained his thirtieth year, -that he should succeed to that high dignity ; alledging that it was an office more proper for a man in the prime and vigour of life, than for one
Sayfa 52 - which throw a gloom over the family-lustre of the House of Este, and mark the character of the cardinal with an indelible stain, are . . distinctly Guicciardini admits, that he did not lose his sight; or rather he seems to assert, that after his eyes were extruded, they were replaced again by a careful hand
Sayfa 134 - After having thus secured the states of Milan, he proceeded to the relief of Bologna, the siege of which had been commenced by the allied army on the twentysixth day of January, 1512. The supreme direction of the papal troops was on this occasion intrusted to the cardinal de' Medici, as legate of Bologna, under whom

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