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1. THE Book Society shall be composed of such members of the Confraternities of the blessed sacrament and Christian doctrine as wish to enter into it, and they shall be considered original members, on paying Is. each at the time of their admission.

2. Every person of good character, who complies regularly with the duties of religion, may be admitted a member of this society on paying 2s. 6d.

3. Each member shall contribute 2d. each month, towards the object of this society, and on omitting to do so, for two months successively, shall cease to be a member.

4. The object of this society, is the diffusion of religious instruction. It shall be governed by the Parish Priest, or his Curate, as perpetual President, and by a Vice-President, a Secretary, or Librarian, a Treasurer, and a council of six, to be chosen in each year, by the members, in the chapel or sacristy, after mass, on the Sunday following the Conversion of St. Paul, (the 25th of January) who is to be invoked as the patron of the society.

5. The Secretary shall write, and the President publish a notice of the elections on the Sunday previous to their taking place.

6. Not more than half the officers above mentioned, can be re-elected, until after the lapse of one year, from the expiration of their office.

7. The duty of the President, and, in his absence, of the Vice-President, is, on the first Sunday of each month, to convene the council, receive subscriptions, hear the reports of the Secretary and Treasurer, and order such purchases or payments as may be necessary, as well as to make any rules or regulations which circumstances may require : also to appoint persons to read in the chapel.

8. The duty of the Secretary or Librarian is, to provide a large case, or box, with a lock and key, in which the books of the society are to be deposited—to purchase such books as the President and council may order-to lend out to the members of the society or others, on paying for the use of them, but at the recommendation, and on the responsibility of a member, and to receive them back at the end of one month. The President and council are entitled to order the loan of the books gratis, when it may be necessary.

9. The person detaining a book beyond the appointed time, is to be reported to the council, and may be fined. Should any book be injured, the injury is to be compensated by him who uses it.

10. The Secretary is to keep a written account of the number and titles of the books committed to his care; of the time and persons to whom they are lent; when and by whom they are returned; and of all other transactions of the society. These accounts, as well as those of the Treasurer, are to be submitted twice a year to the council.

11. All the money collected at first in the Chapel, for the purchase of a stock of books, and afterwards contributed by the members, is to be deposited with the Treasurer, who must be a layman, and elected each year. He is not to pay any money, unless by order of the

President, or Vice-President, countersigned by the Secretary.

12. The society may make rules for the relief of any of its members, when in distress, and for having masses offered for their souls when deceased.

N.B. These rules are to be written in large characters, framed, and hung up in a conspicuous place in the chapel or sacristy, where all the members can have access to them.

APPENDIX IV. Form of Schedule, which having been properly filled is to be presented to the Bishop on the

day previous to the visitation.

Title of parish or parishes, united Number of chal- Number of confraterni. Number of schools Number of public
with those of the chapels, of the ices, ciboriums, ties of the Christian doc- in the parish, with masses on each Sun-
Saints to whom dedicated. Also or other plate, of trine, and of the B. the names of the day; and if a special
the titles on which the chapels suits of vest- sacrament. Number of masters and mis- compensation for
are held, and if by lease, the ments, including monthly communicants; tresses, and the aver. any, and how many;
names of the lessor and lessees; Albs, copes, sets of adults in the parish, age number of scho- the hour at which
the term of years and rent; and of altar linen, of and of those who do not lars who attend catechism is taught
with whom the lease is deposited. missals, and of approach the sacraments each, distinguishing in the chapel, and by
If there be a glebe or parochial volumes in the at Easter time, all as the free schools, and whom ; and if ves-
house, the same particulars to be parochial li. nearly as can be ascer- specifying how the pers be celebrated,
stated with regard to it.

brary. tained.

latter are supported. at what chapels, and

at what hour.

The above statement is to be signed by the pastor and curate, or curates. The vestments, pixes, oil stocks, rituals, and

registries of births and marriages, are to be arranged in a convenient place for his inspection. The priest is also
required to give in writing, at the same time, the names of the most obstinate absentees from their Easter communion,
of public sinners in the parish, with some account of their crimes respectively; and of public abuses, such as illegal
combinations, drunkenness, quarrelling, violation of the Lord's-day, night wakes, or public dances ; or any thing else
which may require to be noticed by the bishop.





Cum ad gravissimum Electionis Hiberniæ Episcoporum negotium rite sancteque absolvendum, certam aliquam methodum ique in eo regno servandam statuere in primis opportunam esse Sacra Congregatio intellexerit, qua fierit, et Sedes Apostolica exploratam notitiam habere possit, meritorum Sacerdotum pro quibus commendationes afferuntur, ut ad aliquem Hibernia Episcopatum eligantur, eadem Sacra Congregatio, postquam diu multumque de ea re definienda cogitavit, in generali tandem conventu die prima Junii, anno 1829, referente Eminentissimo et Reverendissimo D.D. Mauro S.R.E. Cardinali Cappellari, Sacræ Congregationis Præfecto, censuit ac decrevit, methodum in toto regno Hiberniæ super ea re servandam in posterum, esse debere eam quæ hic describitur.

Sede aliqua Episcopali, sive per antistitis obitum, translationem, aliamve ob causam in posterum vacante, Vicarius, juxta formam a sacris canonibus præscriptam, constituatur, qui dioecesi viduatæ, durante vacatione, præsit. Metropolitanus Provinciæ, ubi vacatio contigerit, simul atque de vacatione, et Vicarii electione certior factus fuerit, literis mandatoriis vicario edicat ut in diem vigesimum a dato edicto in unum convocet

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