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Conference shall commence precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. It shall be opened with the recital of the hymn, “Veni Creator.” The Clergyman who has previously been appointed to preach shall then deliver his discourse. When it is ended the Clergy shall then retire to the sacristy, or other convenient place, and the master, having taken his place, (the Clergy being ranged at each side, according to their seniority,) will require of one Curate, and, after him, of one Parish Priest, to make a few remarks on the sermon—its composition and delivery-pointing out, with modesty and charity, the defects or good qualities he may have observed therein. The master will conclude with such observations as he may think it expedient to add to those already made.

The master of the Conference will then desire the two Clergymen, previously appointed to defend, to take their seats before him, and will call successively upon one or two more of the clergy then present, to propose or argue with either the defendants, one or more of the propositions, or of the questions arising thereon, which have been marked out as the matter of the Conference; taking special care that the order of the propositions or questions, as set forth in the printed schedule, be adhered to: that no irrevelent matter be introduced, or desultory conversation, whether relating to theological or other subjects, be permitted. When the Conference will have been thus conducted for one hour, the defendants will resume their former places, and the master of Conference will bimself proceed to interrogate the clergy present, each in his turn, for a short time, on the propositions or questions remaining to be discussed, and will continue to do so, until three o'clock in the afternoon.

At three o'clock the president will specify the propositions or questions to be discussed at the next following Conference: he will name the Clergyman who shall preach, and, also those who are to defend or respond on that day: and having knelt down and recited

the short prayer, “ Actiones Nostras,” &c. will dismiss the assembly till dinner.

Dinner shall be served precisely at four o'clock, and to promote economy, as well as to avoid the appearance of luxury, no wine is to be introduced at or after dinner. The members of the Conference shall separate precisely at six o'clock, and will not afterwards, in the town or village where they assemble, take wine, or any other inebriating beverage. No lay person can be admitted to dine with the Clergy on the day of Conference.

The fines which may be incurred by absence from Conference, are to be levied by the president at the Conference next following, and applied as the members of such conference will direct. The fines are as follows:

d. For absence from the Sermon only ....... 0 2 6 For absence from the Sermon and Conference 0 5 0

Should any Clergyman be absent from two successive Conferences in the same year, he shall, for the second absence, be fined........ 0 10 0




“ They that instruct many into justice, shall shine as stars for all

eternity."-Dan. xii. 3.

For admission into this society, it is only required that the names of the members be enrolled in a book, kept for that purpose by the President. But for the formation, improvement, and preservation of this Society, and that its labours may be efficient, the following rules are recommended for adoption.

1. The object of this Society is to promote, amongst all classes of the faithful, the knowledge of the Christian doctrine, and it is to be, in all things, under the special care and superintendence of the parochial Clergy.

2. Its President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, are to be elected by ballot, on the first Sunday of January in each year, and a Secretary is to be appointed by the President. The election of these officers must be confirmed by the Parish Priest.

3. The members are also to be chosen by ballot; but no person can be proposed until he shall have obtained a written certificate from some one of the parochial clergy, and he cannot be voted into the society, until he shall have been employed for two months in discharging the duty of a member.

4. A meeting of all the members shall be held on the first Sunday of each month, at which every thing regarding the welfare of the Society shall be discussed and determined. If possible one of the clergy shall attend this meeting.

5. A Committee of five shall be chosen on the first Sunday of each quarter, and these, with the President, Vice-President, and Clergy, shall arrange the classes, appoint the teachers, award premiums, and transact all the other business of the society.

6. The teachers of each class should, as far as is possible, be charged with the instruction of the children in their own neighbourhood, and are, at all times, to watch over the conduct of their pupils.

7. There shall be a public examination held in the first week in May in each year, and the premiums shall be distributed on the third Sunday of the same month, by the Priests in the church.

8. Each member, when enrolled in the Society, is to pay ls. 1d. per month afterwards. The Treasurer shall pay no money, unless he receive a written order, signed by the President and Secretary.

9. Any member absent from catechism for three successive Sundays, without some very good reason, or who shall allow his subscription to be three months in arrear, shall first be admonished by the President to discharge his duty more regularly, and, if he neglect such admonition, he shall no longer be considered a member of the society, and must be re-elected, if he wish to return.

10. Any member who shall frequent public houses, or give bad example in the parish, must be expelled from the Society. Let the members recollect, that they are bound, in all things, “ to walk soberly, justly, and honestly," mutually assisting each other, and giving edification to all, that the name of God may be glorified in them.


11. In order to gain the plenary indulgence granted to this society, the members are exhorted to approach the holy Communion, on the first Sunday of each month.

Indulgences granted to this society.

A plenary indulgence is granted to all those, who are duly disposed, on the day of their enrolment into the Society, on one Sunday in every month, and at the hour of death.

A particular indulgence of seven years is granted to every member for each time that he teaches the Christian doctrine.

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