The Unholy Trinity

Ön Kapak
Trafford Publishing, 2004 - 209 sayfa
The major premise of The Unholy Trinity is that the God worshipped by many Christians, and the Jesus about whom fantastic claims and 'shocking' revelations have been made in religious conspiracy books such as The Da Vinci Code', are both constructs built from flawed church doctrine. Unlike many other books in this genre, all the evidence contained in the Unholy Trinity to demonstrate the validity of its assertions is taken from the unedited words of the Bible. For example, the book demonstrates that biblical support for belief in the Virgin Birth, Divinity and Resurrection of Jesus is ambiguous and, hence, argues that they should not be enshrined in infallible dogma.

However, the main thrust of the book is not to attack or to disprove church doctrine per se. The main thrust is to demonstrate that, by distorting biblical passages to support its outdated doctrines, the church is creating an obstacle to a proper understanding of the Bible As a result, the moral teaching, important lessons and dire warnings that the Bible contains are either misunderstood or ignored by the vast majority of the population.

Having decoupled church doctrine from biblical understanding, The Unholy Trinity then applies an inspiriting new look at the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes to the problems, situations, moral dilemmas and key events that are all part of the human condition, thereby making the book not only enlightening, but also practical.

Finally, by linking the moral lessons and warnings contained in the Bible to the threats to our present way of life such as climate change and terrorism, The Unholy Trinity moves from a personal to a global perspective.

Unholy Trinity contains a comprehensive reference section, which enables students to understand and/or pursue the issues covered in more depth.

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