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CHAA flowers of summer bloomed in the midst of XVII.

winter, as attempt to conceal a truth which is A. D. 1518. demonstrated by every line of his work; there 1. Pont. VI. being scarcely a person of any eminence men

tioned by him, who was not indebted to Leo X. for the competence, and perhaps for the credit, which he enjoyed. On the merits of Sadoleti and of Bembo, this author has dwelt with peculiar complacency.

Hence numerous are the bards that Rome infolds
In her maternal bosom ; heirs of fame
While yet they live. For say what future age
Shall rob thee of thy honours, or refuse
Thy praise, O SADOLETI? in whose verse
The breathing marble of Laocoon glows
With strong expression, as in serpent-folds
He and his sons expire; or Curtius wheels
His foaming steed and rushes on to fate
To save his country. Nor inferior praise
Is thine, O BEMBO; who amidst the waves
of Venice nurs’d, could'st tune thy infant voice
To notes of Tuscan melody, or wake
To Latian sounds the elegiac lyre,
From amorous Pan as Galatea flies.
Sing'st thou the hero's praise ? thy rival verse
Aspires to emulate his deeds, and bears
The palm of excellence from every age.
Or if to narrower bounds confined, thou know'st
To rein thy steed and bend thy fervid wheels
Within prescriptive limits. These the bards
of kindred mind, amid th' Idalian groves
Oft social wander, emulous to crop.



C H A P.

Their brightest flowers; and when the sister-train
Of Phæbus seek on Aganippe's brink
A shelter from the day-star's burning rage,
Then to her lyre Calliope attunes
Their melting numbers, that like music sweet
Sink deep into the vacant mind; and they,
The tuneful maids, responsive to the song,
In choral harmony applaud the strain.

A. D. 1518.
A. At. 43.
A. Pont, VI.

This poem, as published in the Coryciana, consists of only one hundred and ninety-two distichs; but Tiraboschi had the good fortune to obtain another copy in the hand-writing of the author, which is enlarged by the addition of many other names and extends to three hundred and twenty-seven distichs. The perusal of this poem will afford the admirer of Latin poetry a characteristic idea of the numerous authors there mentioned ; and the republication of it, at the close of the present volume, may therefore relieve us from the necessity of prosecuting our researches on a subject, which, if pursued, would carry us beyond the limits to which this portion of the present work must necessarily be confined.

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the Sophi of Persia –Conquers Egypt Apprehensions entertained for the safety of Europe-Leo X. endeavours to form an al

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