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The report of the special committee on “Entrance Requirements for Engineering Colleges” was read nearly in full by the Chairman, Professor F. O. Marvin. An extended discussion followed as to the best means both of securing a satisfactory discussion from the members, and of bringing to the notice of interested educators, the valuable results reached in this report. Professors Randolph, Mendenhall, Merriman, Marvin, Magruder, Tyler, Hall and Shepardson participated in the discussion.

It was voted that the report be accepted with the thanks of the Society for the most excellent report, and that the committee be continued.

It was voted to postpone the reading of the papers by Professors Magruder and Talbot until Saturday evening

The meeting then adjourned until Saturday evening


The morning and afternoon were devoted to a delightful excursion to Niagara Falls and Lewiston as the guests of the Engineers' Club of Western New York. The trip to Niagara Falls was made by electric railway and was continued to Lewiston on the Gorge Railway. Visits were made to the power house of the Niagara Falls Paper Company, to the works of the Niagara Falls Paper Company, and to the plant of the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Company, where a lunch was provided by the Engineers' Club. Several other plants of interest to engineers were visited on this trip. EVENING SESSION, 7:30 P. M. The session opened with the paper on “Modelling as an Aid to Teaching Machine Design,” which was read by the author, Professor G. W. Bissell, and discussed by Professors Flather, Goss and Bissell. Then followed the reading by Professor W. T. Magruder, of his paper on “Credit for Shop Experience in Entrance Examinations,” with a discussion by Professor Bull. The

paper of Professor A. N. Talbot, on “A Course of Study in Municipal and Sanitary Enginiering,' was read, in the absence of the author, by the Secretary. It was discussed by Professors Merriman, Allen, Hatt and Fletcher.

The Secretary then read some observations on “Civil Engineering Education,” with some reference to the author's experience in Japan, which Professor J. A. L. Waddell had written in place of the formal paper on “ Engineering Education in Japan,” which he had hoped to find time to prepare. The discussion of this by Professors Merriman, Mendenhall and Gray closed the literary exercises of the meeting.

At the business meeting which followed, it was voted that the Committee on Entrance Requirements be requested to invite expressions of opinion on its report from colleges and preparatory schools and from educational associations, and to present a general statement of such expressions of opinion at the next annual meeting

A letter from Professor W. S. Aldrich, containing suggestions as to certain possible enlargements of the sphere of usefulnness of the Society, was referred to the Council.

The following, whose names had been approved by the Council, were elected members of the Society: John V. Hazen, George W. Patterson, Jr., Richard A. Smart.

The first two paragraphs of Section 3 of the Constitution were amended to read as follows: “The Council of this Society shall consist of twenty-one elective members, one-third of whom shall retire annually. The officers and the past Presidents of the Society shall also be members of the Council ex-officio.

Any member of this Society shall be eligible to election to the Council provided that not more than one elective member shall be from any one college.”

Section 4 was also amended by dropping the words “Members of the Council only shall be eligible to these offices.'

A further amendment was made by substituting Section 3 for Section 4, and substituting Section 4 for Section 3.

All of these amendments were passed by a two-thirds vote of the Society after action thereon by the Council.

A letter received from Professor R. B. Owens, of the University of Nebraska, inviting the Society to hold its meeting for 1898 in Omaha, was referred to the Council.

The following vote was passed: Resolved, That this Society recommends the passage of a bill providing for the adoption of the Metric System of Weights and Measures in the United States."

It was voted that the thanks of the Society be tendered to the Engineers' Society of Western New York for the many courtesies received at its hands, in

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cluding the use of their room, the excursion on the lake, and the arrangement of the excursion on Saturday, together with the entertainment provided at the Falls; and that the thanks of the members be tendered to Mr. George E. Mann and to Mr. Edw. B. Guthrie for their personal attentions during the continuance of the meeting

It was voted that the thanks of the Society be tendered to Mr. Eben P. Dorr, the Local Secretary, for the very satisfactory arrangements which he had made for the meeting and for the convenience of the members.

The Secretary was further instructed to convey the thanks of the Society to the Buffalo Street Railway Company, the Buffalo and Niagara Falls Railway Company, the Gorge Railway Company, for transportation furnished, and to the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Company for their efficient efforts in our behalf at Niagara Falls.

The Nominating Committee then reported a list of nominees for the various offices as follows:

President: Henry T. Eddy, University of Minnesota.

Vice-Presidents : John Galbraith, Ontario School of Practical Science; John M. Ordway, Tulane University.

Treasurer: John J. Flather, Purdue University.

Secretary: C. Frank Allen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Society then passed a vote of thanks to the retiring President, for the valuable and impartial manner in which he had performed the duties of his office, after which the meeting adjourned.

There were present during the Session the following members : C. F. Allen, T. R. Beyer, G. W. Bissell, Storm Bull, F. H. Constant, C. L. Crandall, H. T. Eddy, J. J. Flather, Robert Fletcher, E. A. Fuertes, J. Galbraith, W. F. M. Goss, Thomas Gray, G. W. Hamlin, C. W. Hall, W. K. Hatt, H. S. Jacoby, Albert Kingsbury, W.T. Magruder, F. O. Marvin, C. L. Mees, T. C. Mendenhall, Mansfield Merriman, J. M. Ordway, J. E. Ostrander, J. M. Porter, L. S. Randolph, W. H. Schuerman, G. D. Shepardson, H. C. Solberg, F. P. Spalding, W. M. Towle, R. G. Thomas, H. W. Tyler, M. E. Wadsworth, G. C. Whipple, G. H. White, J. J. Wilmore, R. S. Woodward.

C. FRANK ALLEN, Secretary.


Your Secretary is pleased to report that the Society maintains the condition of prosperity which has characterized it from the beginning. It is not only steadily growing in numbers but also improving in the interest displayed, and in the quality of the papers presented at its meetings, as well as in the earnestness and thoughtful discrimination shown in the discussions. It has been possible to present the discussions of the last meeting in full in Volume III. of the PROCEEDINGS. This volume contains in papers, discussions and reports of the meetings, 395 pages as compared with 282 pages for the year previous. The number of new members elected last year was 34. There have been presented at this meeting for election to membership 22 applications, and without doubt, there will be several more on Friday and Saturday.* We shall enter upon the new year with a membership of more than 200 probably. This membership includes the presidents

* The total number elected was 31.

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