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VOL. XI., No. 61.—APRIL, 1870.





In our third article on the Abbé our times to carry on its war against Martin's exhaustive work on the fu- the church. Protestantism, like all ture of Protestantism and Catholicity, false religions or systems, having no we disposed of the pretension of Pro- foundation in truth and no vital enertestants that the Reformation created gy of its own, lives and prospers only and has sustained civil and political by availing itself of the so-called spirit liberty in modern society. We pro- of the age, or by appealing to the ceed in the present and concluding dominant public opinion of the time article to dispose, as far as we can, and the place. In the sixteenth cenof the pretension that it has founded tury, the age tended to the revival and sustained religious liberty, or the of imperialism or cæsarism, and Profreedom of conscience.

testantism favored monarchical absoNo fact is more certain than that lutism, and drew from it its life, its the Reformation has the credit with force, and its sustenance. non-Catholics, if not even with some The spirit or dominant tendency half-instructed Catholics themselves, of our age, dating from the middle of having originated religious liberty of the last century, has been and is and vindicated the freedom of the the revival of the pagan republic, or, mind. Here as elsewhere the formu- as we call it, democratic cæsarism, la of the age, or what claims to be which asserts for the people as the enlightened in it, is, Protestantism and state the supremacy which under imfreedom, or Catholicity and slavery; perialism is asserted for the emperor. and it is to its prestige of having found- Protestantism lives and sustains itself ed and sustained religious liberty that now only by appealing to and repreProtestantism owes its chief ability in senting this tendency, as we may see

in the contemporary objections to the De l'Avenir du Protestantisme et du Catholic church, that she is “behind the age,” cisme. Par M. l'Abbé F. Martin. Paris: Tobra et Haton. 1869. 8vo, pp. 608.

“ does not conform to the age,'*" is VOL. XI.-1

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