Sayfadaki görseller

A house, with garden and orchard, at OCCURRENCES IN LONDON
Thorndon and Thwaite, is to be raffled for

AND ITS VICINITY. by one hundred subscribers, at five pounds

Windsor Castle, Dec. 4, 1819. “ His each. Should the number be completed, Majesty's disorder has undergone no altethe winner is to pay 201. and the present ration. His Majesty was ipdisposed for proprietor 101. for the good of the company, two days a fortnight since, but has now A single potatoe was cut into eyes apd

recovered his ordinary bodily health, planted in the garden of C. Moore, esq. at which is good considering bis great age.” Woodbridge, Suffolk; and the produce

A gentleman who has lately been in the was the surprizing quantity of a bushel

presence of His Majesty states, that the skep without being heaped, and it weighed

appearance of our ancient Movarch is the 64 lbs. The potatoes are remarkably most venerable imaginable. His hair and fine.

beard are white as the drifted snow, and The presentation of a valuable living

the latter flows gracefully over a breast in Cheshire is supposed to have recently which now feels not the pleasures or the lapsed to the University of Cambridge, pains of life. When the gentleman saw under the following circumstances :-'The

him, he was dressed in a loose satin robe death of the incumbent being declared by lined with fur, sitting in an apparently his physicians to be fast approaching at pensive mood, with his elbows on a table, Leamington, a person entered into a con

his head resting on his hands, and seemtract for the purchase of the next pre- ingly regardless of all external objects. sentation for 60001. which was executed about six hours before the decease of the

Friday, Nov. 19.

This morning, about four o'clock, the incumbent. This sale is objected to on two

juhabitants of Crooked lane were alarmed grounds-1st. That the patron, being a

by a loud shriek, which was occasioned by Catholic, could not sell the next presentation attached to the advowson; and 2dly, Mrs. Matthews, about 30 years of age, wife

the following dreadful circumstance : that, if he possessed such right, the con

of Mr. Thomas Matthews, wire-worker, veyance was not executed in due time.

No. 9, Crooked-lane, had of late beep in The probability of this lapse has occasioned considerable interest in the Univer.

a state of despondency, but was getting

better. At the time above stated she was sity, the living being estimated at 15001.

seized with that dreadful malady, and at per ann. Should such lapse be adjudged,

the moment took a fine boy, four months the presentation will become elective in the Masters of Arts : on the books of the

old, from the cradle, and threw it out,

from the secoud-floor back-ground, into University several candidates have already

St. Martin's burial ground. She then declared ihemselves.

opened the window on the third floor which The heir of the ill-fated Gustavus, and

looks into Crooked-lane, and instantly nephew to the Emperor Alexander, is now

jumped out. She fell head foremost joto in Edinburgh, where he is to reside for several months. He is about 19 or 20,

the road, and was instantly killed. The

infant was taken up alive, but no hopes and of a manly and modest address.

are entertained of its recovery. An inSome gentlemen of Edinburgh have taken the celebrated calculating boy, Bid.

quest was held on the body of Mrs. M. der, under their protection, and mean to

and a verdict of Lunacy returned. give him a college education ; they also

Thursday, Nov. '26. gave his father a sum of money to take

An alarming fire broke out this morn. home to his family.

ing, at Hounslow, in the premises of Mr. A person named Smyth, who had been

Fagg. It happened in the rick-yard, twelve years churchwarden of the parish of through Mr. Fagg firing al some sparrows; St. Michan, Dublin, has been tried for a

and three valuable wheat-ricks, worih robbery of the most atrocious description.

8001, were destroyed. It is thought that After a charity serion, while employed

some wadding had lodged in the ricks. with others in the vestry-rooin, to count

Friday, Nov. 25. the contributions of the benevolent, he An inquisition was held, at St. Thomas's was seen to pass bank notes at various Hospital, on the body of a poor man who tines, from one hand to the other, squeeze had been engaged in digging a grave (27 them into a small compass, and then slily feet deep) in the church.yard of the paput them into his pocket: he was search- rish of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate Without. ed, and from 201. to 301. found on him. It appeared in evidence, that the shoring He received sentence of transportation for boards giving way, the sides of the grave seven years.

fell in, and the deceased was buried uplo. Dec. 20, Nathan Broadhurst was sent off the chin. It was nearly an hour before the to Lancaster on a charge of High Treason, poor fellow could be extricated from his committed at Burnley on the 16th of No- dreadful situation. The deceased repeatveviber, under the name of Walker, in edly cried out, “ For God's sake take me company with John Knight.

out, or I shall die.” He was conveyed to



1819.) Occurrences in London and its Vicinity. 550 St. Thomas's Hospital, where he died. test against the resolutions of that Court, Accidental Death.

and the power attempted to be exercised The Lord Mayor held his first Court of thereby over this Court, in directiog the Common Council. It was uncommonly pu- Chamberlain not to pay any expences merous, and the subjects to be taken into that have been incurred, or may be inconsideration were of the utmost interest in curred, in respect of such prosecutions." the city. The first proceeding was upon

Wednesday, Dec. 15. the question of giving the usual thanks to A Meeting of Booksellers and Printers the late Lord Mayor, for his conduct while was held at the London Coffee-house, to in office. Mr. Deputy Williams moved take into consideration the provisions of a the thanks, An Amendment, expressing Bill before Parliament for more effectually strong censure, was moved by Mr. Blacket, preventing seditious and blasphemous Li. and carried.

bels, Joseph Butterworth, esq. in the The next topic of discussion was, the Chair. Several resolutions were passed, prosecution instituted by the Court of Al. and it was unanimously resolved, that “A dermen against Mr. Alderman Waithman Petition be presented to the House of and others, for riotously abstructing the Commons, praying that the same Bill, so election of a Lord Mayor at the late Com- far as respects the pnoishment of Trans. mon Hall. Resolutions, declaring that the portation and Death for vending such blas. Aldermen have no controul over the Li. phemous or seditious libels as in the said very--prohibiting the Chamberlain from Bill are mentioned, might not pass into a furnishing funds for such prosecution law.” In the 8th Resolution it was justly and recominending the withdrawing of the observed, " That a very great number of Jegal proceedings--were moved by Mr. J. historical, political, and religious works, Williams, and carried without a division. are written and composed and published in Munday, Dec. o.

London at stated periods, and that most A Court of Common Council was held. of such works are of temporary and imme. A report was made from the Committee diale public interest, and that such works which had been appointed to watch the issue from the press and pass through the proceedings of the Court of Aldermen, in bands of several different booksellers, and the prosecution which they had directed to many thousands thereof are delivered to be carried ou against Alderman Waith- the public within a very few hours after man and others. The Comınittee stated it their first publication, and that a previous to be their opinion, that such a proceeding perusal or cousideration of such works, by was pregnant with great danger to the such venders of the same as are not the rights of the citizens of London ; but they original or first Publishers, is imprac. 'could take no step in the business until it ticable.” 'was referred to the Court of Aldermen. A The clause relative to Transportation on motion was accordingly made, that it be a second conviction for the same offence, referred to the Court of Aldermen, which was afterwards withdrawn by Ministers, was carried.

and mitigated to the sentence of Banish. Wednesday, Dec. 8.

ment. · Iu consequence, the following re. A Court of Aldermen was held at Guild. marks bave been circulated by the Bookhall; when the late recommendation of sellers and Printers of the Metropolis and the Court of Common Council was pre. its vicinity. “With respect to the clause sented; upon which they immediaiely relative to Banishment, the Booksellers came to a resolution declaring—" That the and Printers still feel insuperable objecCourt, from the earliest period, bare bad tions. There is certainly a difference in the right to draw, and m the exercise the two punishments; but although the thereof have drawn upon the Chamber, for one be more ignominious and degrading the payment of all such silon or sums of than the other, yet that of Banishment money, as well for prosecution directed by may have a severity of operation equal to them as otherwise, as they,' from time to that of Transportation in most cases, and time, have deemed necessary for the pur. may in some cases be more severe. And. poses of justice.-That whilst the Court is while ineritable ruin attends either punish. pursuing its due course of public duty, it ment, the sufferer is thereby placed be. becomes highly imperative upon them to yopd the benigo influence of the British maintain and defend their rights and pri. Constitution, and left in a situation from vileges against all attacks or attempts that whence the Crown, the fountain of mercy, may be made thereon.-That much as cannot be supplicated ; or, at best, supthis Court would feel gratified in acceding plicated under disadvantages from which to the unanimous recommendation of the the greatest criminal is free, while per. Court of Common Council to wiihdraw mitted to remain in this country. These their resolution against the parties impli- considerations, it is presumed, are of the cated, could their sense of duty permit highest importance with regard to crimes them to do so, they feel themselves bound like libel, which are not specific and cer. to enter their most firm and dacided pro- tain, and which after conviction may,


from that circumstance, admit of many not quit him. " Then," replied Mr. Hobextenuations not immediately apparent. house, “ you must use your force, for I And as a principle of just and wise legisla- will submit to nothing else." Two other tion has been applied in rejecting the pu. messengers soon after made their appear. nishment of Transportation for the crimes ance; when the first messenger, laying his mentioned in the Bill; so the Booksellers hand on Mr. Hobhouse, said, “You are and Printers venture to hope, that the pu- my prisoner.” Mr. Hobhouse then renishment of Banishment, hitherto unknown plied, “I must submit to force, but a permanent measure) in the jurispru- test agaiust this illegal seizure, and desire dence of this Country, will not be retained. you to inform the Speaker thereof." Mr. They scarcely feel less apprehensive of Hobhouse was immediately taken to Newthe consequences of being subject to one gate, by two of the messengers, in a hackpunishment, than they were of being sub.

ney coach. ject to both ; and they cannot but feel The Bill for the relief of losolvent Deb. great apprehension and alarm in the con- tors, proposed by Lord Althorpe, has been templation of a measure which involves pripted by order of the House of Commons. every personal and domestic comfort."

It prohibits Officers of the Court from Petitions have been presented to the taking gratuities. The petitioning cre. House of Commous from numerous bodies ditor may compel the surrender of the in. of Booksellers of London, Liverpool, Bris. solvent's property, which shall vest in the tol, Birmingham, and other places, provisional assignee. Examiners are to be against the Newspaper Stamp Duties Bill; appointed by the Conimissioner: they are setting forth the ruinous effects which authorized to compel the attendance of that measure would have on the trade in

witnesses, and are empowered to allow or general, and praying that it would not disallow claims of creditors, subject bowpass in its present shape.

ever to an appeal to the Commissioner. At Bow-street, Mr. Sheriff Parkyns was The assignees have a power of making held to bail, on a charge of libel, preferred compositions with creditors. In the counagainst him by Alexander Stewart, esq. try, examiners may be appointed by a magistrate of the County of Down, Ire. Justices of the Peace at Quarter Sesland. The matter relates to a letter which sions, and the Commissioner of the Court Mr. Parkyns had published in an Irish in London may direct prisoners, in cernewspaper, in Nov. 1818; wherein he tain cases, to be examined before Justices charges Mr. Stewart with a dereliction of at the Quarter Sessions. Prisoners, after his magisterial duty, in consequence of discharge, becoming possessed of public his not rendering (as Mr. Parkyns sup- funds, or any other species of property, posed) proper assistance in taking his ser- and refusing to convey such properly, vant, who had robbed him to a large the Court may, upon petition in a sumamount, and whom Mr. Parkyns had pur- mary way, order such persons to be again sued from London to Ireland. The servant arrested. was ultimately taken, and convicted.

The petition in favour of Henry Stent, Friday, Dec. 17.

(see p. 270) signed by 14,000 persons, has The following are the circumstances at- been laid before the Prince Regent by tending the arrest of Mr. Hobhouse, in Lord Sidmouth. His sentence is to be consequence of the House of Commons commuted to two years' imprisonment in having declared him guilty of a breach of the House of Correction. privilege, in publishing some offensive re. The parish-officers of St. James's have marks on the Members :-Mr. Llubhouse, determined to sink wells in different parts with his friend Mr. Michael Bruce, was at of the parish, over which are to be placed No. 1, in New-street, Spring Gardens, handsome pumps of an improved construcabout six o'clock this evening, when tion, for supplying the inhabitants with a messenger of the House of Commons, spring-water. acting as Deputy Serjeant at Arms, made his appearance, and produced the Speak. THEATRICAL REGISTER. er's warrant as his authority for taking

New Pieces. Mr. Hobhouse into custody. Mr. Hob.

DRURY Lane Theatre. house said, he considered the warrant to Dec. 1. The Disagreeable Surprize, a be illegal; and the Tribunal, which bad Farce. Disapproved of, and acted only condemned bin unheard, and in his ab- twice. sence, to be also illegal ; and that he refused to obey the warrant. The messen

COVENT GARDEN THEATRE. ger replied, that he had brought a force Dec. 14. Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotwith him to execute the warrant, and the land, a Tragedy. This play was an altemen were in the honse. Mr. Hobhouse ration from Schiller's German Drama of desired him to carry back his refusal to the the same name; but was unskilsully exeSpeaker ; but the messenger said he could cuted, and ill received. Not repeated.

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Rev. Launcelot Cowling, M. A. of St. Nov. 20. Sir E. Nagle, one of the Joba's College, Cambridge, Long Grooms of his Majesty's Bedchamber, v. Stowe R. Cambridgeshire. Sir J. Cradock, now Baron Howden.

Rev. Thomas Robyos, vicar of Cole. Lieut. col. J. Freemantle, of the Cold broke, Devon, Maristow V. with Thruselstream Guards, Deputy Adjutant Gene. ton chapel annexed, in same County, ral to the Forces in the Island of Jamaica. Rev. Thos. Ashurst, LL. D. Fellow of

Nov. 30. Major-gen. Sir J. Malcolm, All Souls College, Oxford, Yaverland R. of the East India Service, to be Knight Isle of Wight. Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath; Rev. Arthur Charles Verelst, M. A. also Major-gens. Munro, Toone,and Dove. Wythicombe R. Somerset. ton, likewise of the East Iudia Service, to Rev. Nicholas Wood, M. A. Kenton V. be Companions of the same Order. Suffolk.

Hon. and Rev. Augustus Legge, to the MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. Chancellorship of the Diocese of Worces.

Chichester - Lord J. G. Leonox, vice ter, and to the Rectory of North Waltham, the Earl of March (now Duke of Rich- Hants; Rev. Mr. Heathcote to the vacant mond.)

Archdeaconry; and Rev. Mr. Garnier, Banbury-The Hon. H. Legge, vice the Brightwell R. Hants. Hon. F. S. N. Douglas, deceased.

Rev. Henry Van Voorst, M. A. late of Cambridge-Lieuto-col. F. W. Trench, St. Edmuod's Hall, Oxford, Steeple V. vice the Hon. E. Finch, who has accepted in Essex. the Chiltern Hundreds.

Rev. C. H. Collyns, master of the Free

Grammar School, Exeter, to the chapel Civil PROMOTIONS.

of St. John in that city. Rev. Edward Meredith, to the head- Rev.. Wm. Madan, M. A. Student of mastership of Newport Grammar School, Christ Church, Oxford, Poleworth V. Shropshire.

Warwickshire, W. M. Thiselton, esq. of the King's Rev. F. C. Blackstone, LL.B. Worthing Honourable Band of Gentlemen Pen. R. Hants. sioners, has been appointed, by the Earl of Courtown, Gentleman Harbinger to his Majesty, vice J. A. Oliver, esq. de


Rev. John Thomas Huntley, M. A. of ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERNENTS. Trinity College, Cambridge, to hold by Rev. Christopher Dodson, M. A. dispensation the vicarage of Kimbolion, Grateley R. Hants.

with the rectory of Swanshed, Hunts.

BI R T HS. Oct. 22. At Geneva, in Switzerland, Tyrwbitt Drake, esq. M. P. of a daugh-of a son and heir, the Lady of the Rev. ter.-16. At Braban Castle, Scotland, George Chelwode, grandson of the late, the Hon. Mrs. Stewart Mackenzie, of Sea. and nephew to the present Earl of Stam- forth, of a daughter. -At Fulham, Vis. ford and Warrington.

countess Ranelagh, of a daughter.-19. At Lately. At Blithfield rectory, Stafford. Hargrave rectory, Northamptonshire, the shire, the Right Hon. Lady Bagot of a wife of the Rev. Wm. Lake Baker, of a daughter.At Glengariff, near Bantry, son.-21. At the rectory, Wickham Bithe wife of a labouring man, Jamed shop's, Essex, the wife of the Rev. Tho. Scully, of four children, three sons and a mas Leigh of a son.--23. At Corsham daughter, who are likely to live and do House, Wilts, the Lady of Paul Methuen, well. -At Gwitbian, Mrs. Phillips of three esq. of a son. 25. At Belton House, still-born children. In Hill-street, Berke. Lincoloshire, the Right Hon. the Countley-square, the wife of Henry Brougham, ess of Brownlow of a daughter. esq. M. P. of a daughter.

Dec. 2. At the Hague, the Countess Nou. 8. At the South Parade, Cork, of Athlone, of a daughter. -6. At ShugLady Audley of a son.-10. At Edin burgh, Staffordshire, Viscountess Anson burgh, the Lady of Sir Alex. Mackenzie, of a daughter.-8. At Muncaster Castle, of Avoch, of a son.-11. At Stony bauk, Lady Lindsay, of a son.-9. The Lady of N. B. the wife of Major J. S. Sinclair Sir John C. Cogill, bart. of a daughter. of a daughter.-12. At Edinburgh, ihe 10. At No. 3, Tavistock-square, the wife Hon. Mrs. Dundas, of Dundas, of a son of John Braham, esq. of a son.-11. At and beir. - 14. The wife of Thomas Weyinyuth, the wife of Sir Henry Onslow, GENT. MAG. December, 1819.


bart, of a daughter.-12. At Southwell, Aubrey, esq. of a daughter.–15. In HighNotts, the wife of E. R. Faulkuer, esq. bury Grove, the wife of Daniel 'Rainier, of a son. --15. At Kensington, the wife of esq. of a daughter.-17. The wife of Dr. H. J. da Costa, esq. of a daughter.-Ai Edw. Thos. Monro, of Gower-street, BedBittern, Hants, the wife of F. Wynne ford-square, of a son.

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MARRIAGES. June 12. At Bombay, Capt. C. P. to Miss Harriet Robson, of Maddox-street, King, of the 4th reg. of Bengal Cavalry, Hanover-square. only son of E. King, esq. of Pangbourne, Mr. T. Dawbeney, of Prince's RisboBerkshire, to Jane Margaretla, second rough, Bucks, paper-maker, to Miss daughter of the late R. C. Brownell, esq. Mary Gardner Carter, formerly of the of the county of Surrey.

Island of Jamaica. Aug. 5, at Baltimore (America), Grau- 10. Capt. Nixon, of the Grenadier ville Sharp Oldfield, esq. merchant, late Guards, to Henrietta Cæline Matilde, of England, to Anne, eldest daughter of only daughter of the late Monsieur de Ralph Higiubotham, esq. of Baltimore. Vermont, and niece to Mrs. Massing berd,

Oct. 29. At St. James's church, by the of South Ornsby, Lincolnshire. Bishop of London, the Rer. Henry Rid- Felix Whitmore, jun. esq. of Belvidere dell Moody, only surviving son of Robert house, Lambeth, to Rosamund, second Sadleir Moody, esq. formerly one of the daughter of Major Tulloch, of Poriland. Commissioners for Victualling his Majes- place. ty's Navy, to Althea' Jave, second daugh. Wm. Pennell, esq. jun. of Bath, to ter of the Rev. Francis J. H. Wollaston, Eliza, only child of the late F. Wolrond, archdeacon of Essex.

esq. of Topsham, Deronsbire. 30. 'At St. Petersburg, Col. Le Comte 11. Sir Nicholas Cosway Colthurst, Gustave Magnus d'Armfelt, Aid de-Camp bart, of Ardrum, co. Cork, M. P. for the to his Majesty the Emperor of Russia, city of Cork, to Elizabeth, only child of to the daughter of the late Thomas Brooke, George Vesey, esq. of Lucan House, co, esq.

Dublin. Nou. 1. Capt. Wm. Ronald, of the Harry Newland, 'esq. of Broadwater, 6th regiment, to Elizabeth George, daugh- Sussex, to Anoe, eldest daughter of the ter of the late Lieut..gen. Benson.

late Robt. Pearon, esq. of Park.street. At Paris, Dr. G. G. Browse Mill, to Lieut. and Adjutant Fugion, of the 61st Maria Elizabeth Thomas, both of Walcot regiment, to' Jane, youngest daughter of parish, Bath.

the late Mat. Harpley, esq. of Forest 2. In Stonehouse chapel, Devon, Jo. Lodge, West Ham, Essex. seph Coppock, esq. of Clifford's Inn, to R. Byam, esq. of the Ordnance Office, Helen, fourth daughter of John Kent, to the widow of the late Lieut. Symons esq. niece to col. Robert Wright, R. Ar- and daughter of John Drew, esq. of Wooltillery, and Lieut.-col. George Wright, wich. R. Engineers, and grand piece to Vice- Thomas William, only son of Lieut.admiral John Hunter, late governor of gen. Sir T. Blomefield, bart. of Shooter's New South Wales.

Hill, Kent, to Salome, daughter of Sam. 5. H. Thomson, esq. to Susan, eldest Kekewich, esq. of Peamore, Devonshire. daughter of Samuel Medley, esq. of Lieut. Peter Brooke, R. N. to Frances, Hackney.

widow of Charles Bowns, esq. late of Dare 6. At Edinburgh, James, eldest son ley Hall, Yorkshire. of the late Capt. Charles Hay, R. N. to 12. Mr. Wm. Eade, jun. 10. Miss Mary, only daughter of Major R. L. Hay, Menzies, both of Hampstead. formerly of the 55th reg. of foot,

13. Mr. James Knowles, of the Bo8. John Beatty West, esq. to Eliza rough, lo Alice, youngest daughter of Felicia, daughter of Serjeant Barton, of Chas. Southby, esq. of Walworth. Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin.

Charles Phillips, esq. of the Irish Bar, Capt. Jas. Athill, R. N. to Selina The to Miss Whalley, of Camden Town. resa, third daughter of the late C. Bishop, 14. Rich. Sumner, esq. of Puttenham esq. his Majesty's Procurator General. Priory, Surrey, to Fanny, third daug bler

T. G. Horton, esq. to Elizabeth Catbe- of the late G. Montgomerie, esq. of Gas-, rine, eldest daughter of C. Hatchett, esq. boldisbam Hall, Norfolk. of Belle Vue House, Chelsea.

15. Wm. Harrison, esq. of Leversdown J. C. Hartsinck, esq. of Bath, to Ma- House, Somersetshire, to Eliza, eldest tilda, eldest daughter of the late R. Han- daughter of G. Southey, esq. of Southkey, esq. banker, of London.

ampton-place, Euston-square. T. F. Balderston, esg. Commander of Geo. Priestley, esq. of White Windows, the Asia East Indiaman, to Elizabeth, near Halifax, io Hannah, only child of daughter of Walter Urquhart, esq. the late N. Kirkman, esq. of the Crescent, . 9. Charles Kearney, esq. late of Paris, Salfori, Staffordshire.


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