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Marriages of eminent Persons.

563 The Rev. A. H. Buchanan, to Susanna, At New York, America, James Hackett, daughter of Nath. Maxey, esq.of Congleton. esq. a Member of Congress, to Miss C.D.

17. Robert Hogg, esq. of Broad-street- 'Lee Sugg, the ci-devant infant Billington buildings, to Catherine, daughter of w. and Roscia, eldest daughter of Mr. C. Lee North, esq. of Levan Hall, Yorkshire. Sugg, ihre rentriloquisi.

Isaac Waltbam Rush, esq. of Beeleigh At Bishop's Waltham, Lord Dacre to Grange, Maldon, grandson of the late Wm. Mrs. Wilmot. Waltham, esq. to Mary, daughter of the E. F. Colston, esq. jun. of Elkins Hall, late E. Clay, esq. of Southminster Cage. Oxfordshire, to Marianne, only daughter

18. Nicholas Kirk an, esq. of Cloak of Wm. Jenkins, esq. of Shepton lle'. lane, to Catherine, daughter of Mrs. C." Charles Moor, esq. of Rempston, Beu. Daniels, of Floore, Northamptonshire. fordshire, to Elizabeth Anne, second

22.' Anthony Mervin Storey, esq. to daughter of the late Rev. Richard Palmer, Margaret, daughter of the late Rev. Nevil of Grau ham. Maskelyne, D. D.

C. Tyru hitt Jones, esg. to Emily Anne George Bertelot, son of Walter Smyth, Halliday. esq. of Siopham House, Sussex, to Emma, Capt. Cbas. Poulton, of the Madras youngest daughter of the late Jas. Wood- Native Infantry, to Susanna Jane, eldest bridge, esq. of Richmond.

daughter of G. H. Leycester, esq. of White J. A. Christian, esq. of Arundel.street, Place, Bucks. to Miss Blackwell, of Armitage, near Lich- Dec. 1. R. P. Smith, esq. M. P. eldest field.

80n of the Rev. R. Smiih, of Marston Rece 23. William Smart, esq. of Exeter tory, near York, to Eliza, daughter of 'Change, 10 Maria, daughter of Mr. Goter, the late Peter Breton, esq. of Thames-street.

Mr. J. T. Gellibrand, of Austinfriars, so. Abel Lea, esq. of Kidderminster, Wor. licitor, to Anne Isabella, daughter of the cestershire, to Mary, davghter of the late Rev. John Kerby, of Lewes. John Jefferson, esq. of Chalkside, Cum- 2. Mr. Edward Burbidge, of Aldersberland.

gale.street, to Eliza, only daughter of 25. A. Christie, esq. eldest son of Rear. Wm. Griffith, esq. of South Bridge House, Arlmiral Christie, of Baberton, county of Croydon. Mid Lothian, to Sarah, eldest daughter of James H.. youngest son of W. Dyer, the late Dr. Wilmer.

esq. of Blackheath, to Margaret, eldest The Rev. John Poole, of Enmore, So. dau. of C. Prati, esq. of Lewisham Hill. mersetshire, 10 Miss Seager, of Bridgwater. J. James Halls, esq. of Great Marlbo

Mr. James Cole, jun. carpet manufac. rough-street, to Maria Anne, second turer, eldest son of James Cole, esq. of daugbier of Mr. Serjeaut Sellon. Summer Hill, Kidderminster, to Elizabeth, The Rev. Thomas S. Griffinhoofe, A.M. only daughter of Benjamin Barber, esq. of vicar of Arkesden, and Mayland, Essex, Walsall.

to Harriet, eldest daughter of Charles Mr. Thomas Boone, bookseller, of the Hutchins, Esq. of Water street, Strand. Strand, to Emma, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles Drury, esq. of the 3d Dragoon James Litlle, of Mortimer street.

Guards, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of 23. Mr. George Langstaff, of New Ba. Lieut..col. Hart, Inspecting Field Officer, singhall-street, surgeon, to Miss Butler, Centre District. of Totteridge.

7. William Lomas, esq. of Rochester, Lately, in Dublin, by his nephew, the to Matilda, daughter of the late Thomas Dean of Ferns, Matthew Cassan, esq. of Baker, esq. of Chalk. Sheffield Hall, Queen's County, eldest son Charles, second son of Evelyn Shirley, of the late Stephen Cassan, esq. of the esq. of Eatingtou Park, Warwickshire, to same place, to Miss Catherine Head, sis. Anne Charlotte, youngest daughter of the ter of General Head, and niece of the late Hon. and Rev. George Bridgeman. Lord Dunalley.

9. H. P. Fuller, esq. of Piccadilly, to Wm. J. Lenthall, esq. of Cothill, to Matilda Juliana, eldest daughter of the Margaret Anne, third daughter of the late lale Mark Wratislaw, esq. of Rugby. Admiral M.Dougall, of Bath.

10. James Ross Oxberry, esq. uf Gjb. John Hume, esq. surgeon of the 39th re- rallar, to Mrs. Tonyn, of Mortimer-street, giment, to Anne Louisa, daughter of the

Cavendish-square. late Major And. Parke, of Sligo.

11. Wm. C. Hood, esq. of Vauxhall, The Rev. Ralph Heathcote, to the wi. to Anne, only daughier of the late C. dow of the late Jos. Bilbie, esq. of Tapton Brown, esq. of South Lambeth. Grove, near Chesterfield.

13. Mr. Henry Webb, to Elizabeth Rear-Admiral Sir David Milne, K. C. B. Artemisia Anna Maria, only child of the to the daughter of the late G. Stephen, late David Healy, esq. both of Bermond. esq. of the Island of Grenada.




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DR. EUSEBY CLEAVER, D. D. ARCHBISHOP by Lady Mary, only surviving daughter of OF DUBLIN,

Arcbibald, the eleventh Earl of Eglinton.Lately. At Tunbridge Wells, the Right The late Earl was long in the Army, and, Hon. and Most Rev. Euseby Cleaver, D.D. during the American War, was Major of Lord Archbishop of Dublin, and Bishop of the West Fencibles. When the War broke Glandelagh, Primate of Ireland, Chancel- out with France in 1793, he raised and lor of the illustrious Order of St. Patrick, commanded that fine regiment, the West Visitor of Trinity College, Dublin, &c. &c. Lowland Fencibles, wbich command he He was of Christ Church, Oxford ; M. A. resigned after several years service. He 1770; B. and D, D. 1783.

succeeded his cousin Archibald, as Earl This prelate was a native of Bucking- of Eglinton, in 1796. The death of this hamshire; his father, the Rev. William patriotic Nobleman will be much regretCleaver, M. A. who was a clergyman of ted, as he gave employment to a great the Church of England, having been for number of people on his estates, which many years the respectable master of a he has much improved since he came to private school, at Twyford, in that county. the title. The reputation of this divine, and his vici. The paternal name of this family was nity to Stowe, introduced him to the no- Seton, of which paternal name was also zice of the Grenville family. Accordingly, the ancestor of the Duke of Gordon, at his eldest son, the late William Cleaver, the close of the fourteenth century: of Brazen Nuse, became tutor to the first Marquis of Buckingham, while the latter

Rev. JAMES DOUGLAS. was a student of Christchurch. This event, Nov. 5. At Preston, Sussex, the Rer. in due time, produced important results James Douglas, F.S.A. for some time a to the whole family; for the elder brother meniber of Peter House, Cambridge; obtained the bishopricks of Chester, Ban- Rector of Middletou, Sussex; and Chapgor, and St. Asaph in succession; while lain in Ordinary to the Prince Regent. the younger, accompanying their munili. Early in life be obtained a Commis. cent patron, during his second residence sion in the Army, and made a tour through in Ireland, as viceroy, was soon promoted various parts of the Continent. to the See of Fernes, whence he was trans- In January 1780, he married Margaret, lated to that of Cork, and finally obtained daughter of John Oldershaw, esq. of Roall the archiepiscopal honours of that dio. chester (who had previously been an emicese, of which Dublin is the capital. nent surgeon at Leicester); and in the

Dr. Euseby Cleaver, after residing some same year was elected F.S.A. and entered time in Ireland, married a lady of that into holy orders. country, by whom he had several chil. His first publication was in the line dren. This amiable woman died at of his original profession, an “ Essay on Egremont House, Fulham, May 1, 1816, Tactics, from the French of Guibert, 1781," greatly lamented by all her friends and 2 vols. 8vo. rolatives.

lo 1782 he published, but without his

name, one volume of his “ Travelling EARL OF EGLINTON,

Anecdotes, through various parts of EuDec. 14. At Eglinton Castle, Ayrsbire, rope;" and promised a secund. This the ight Hon. Hugh Montgomerie, Earl work possessed some merit. It was writof Eglinton, Lord Montgomerie and kil- ten in the Shandeyan style, though the wioning (Baron Ardrossan, in Great Brie Author disavowed such intention. tain), Knight of the Most Ancient Order cond edition, with his name, appeared in of the Thistle, Lord Lieutenant of Ayr. 1785, with a Preface, in which he made shire, one of the State Counsellors of ihe an apology for declining to give the proPrince of Wales, &c. His Lordship was mised second Volume of these Anecdotes, the son of Alexander Montgomerie, esq. hinting very properly, that more serious of Cuilsfield, by Lilias, daughter of Sir avocations are better suited to his present Robert Montgomerie, of Skelmorlie, and engagement in the “ solemn duties of the was born in 1739. He married Eleanora, Church." daughter of J. Hamilton, esq. of Bour- In 1785, he published “ A Dissertation treebill, who died in 1817. By this Lady on the Theory of the Earıh,” 410; also he had several children, only two of whom “ Two Dissertations on the Brass lostruare living, Lady Lilias Oswald, and Lady ments called Celts, and other Arms used Jane. His Lordship is succeeded in his by the Ancients, found in this island, with titles and estates by his grandson, Archi- two fine aquatinta Engravings;" which bald, born on the 29th of September 1812, forms the XXXIIId Number of the “ Bibonly son of Archibald Lord Montgomorie, liotheca Topographica Britannica.” In


A se

1819.] Rev. James Douglas.-John Bowles, Esq. 565 the same year a Letter addressed to him The early part of Mr. Douglas's Miby Lieutenant-general Robert Melville, nistry was at Chedingford in Sussex, from with Mr. Douglas's Answer, was read at which place many letters of his to our the Society of Autiquaries, and published Magazine are dated, He was afterwards in the Archæologia, vol. VII. 374-378. presented, by the Earl of Egremont, 10

In 1786 he commenced his greatest un- the Rectory of Middleton in the same dertaking, entitled “Nenia Britannica ; county ; but his residence bas latterly or, A Sepulchral History of Great Britain, been at Preston.--He has left a widow, from the earliest Period to its general Con- with three sons and one daughter. version to Christianity. Including a complete Series of the British, Roman, and

JOAN BOWLES, Esq. Saxon Sepulchral Rites and Ceremonies, Oct. 30. At his lodgiugs in Queen's. with the Contents of several hundred Bu. square, Bath, aged 68, John Bowles, esq. rial Places opened under a careful Inspec- late of Dulwich, Barrister at Law, a Com. tion of the Author; tending to illustrate missioner of Bankrupts, and a Magistrate the early Part of, and to fix on a more for the County of Surrey. He was the unquestionable criterion for the study of son of Mr. Bowles, formerly a PrintAntiquity. To which are added some seller in Cornbill, and was for some time Observations on the Celtic, British, Ro. a Commissioner for the sale of Dutch inan, and Danish Burrows discovered in Prizes. Mr. Bowles was the first who Great Britain *,” folio. In this work entered the field in order to combat the every circumstance relative to the tombs dangerous principles and ensnaring soare particularly described, and the tombs pbistry of Paine, in a tract entitled “ A themselves, with all their contents, are Protest against Paine ;' in which he represented in aquatinta plates, executed urged, with concise energy, the strongest by Mr. Douglas, and admirably adapted arguments against the insiduous doctrines for conveying an accurate idea of antique of that delusive writer. The Society which relics.

at that time met at the Crown and Anchor In 1791, be published “Twelve Dis- Tavern for the protection of liberty and courses on the Influence of the Christian property against republicans and levellers, Religion on Civil Society," 8vo. (See ordered it to be printed, and sold at a very vol. LXII. p. 648.)

low price for the purpose of extending its In 1793, he completed his “ Nenia Bri. circulation among the lower classes. tannica," and dedicated it to the Prince The Pamphlets of this Political Writer of Wales, to whom he had previously been are very numerous ; the following are appointed a Chaplain in Ordinary.

from his pen : In 1795, he contributed to the “His- Considerations on the respective rights tory of Leicestershire” a delicate Plaie of Judge and Jury, particularly upon of Coston Church, accompanied by a per- Trials for Libel, 8vo. 1791.--Letter to feçt Possil Oyster, found in that parish. the Right Hop, Chas. James Fox, occaThis plate was by his own masterly hand, sioned by his late motion in the House in that species of engraving in which he so of Commons respecting Libels, 8vo. 1791, much excelled. Of his graphic skill ano. A Second Letter upon the matter of ther specimen was given in the whole. Libel, 8vo. 1792.- Brief deductions from length portrait of Captain Grose, whom first Principles, applying to the matter of he caught napping; it was “ cordially in. Libel, being an Appendix to the Second scribed to those Members of the Antiqua, Letter, 8vo. 1792.--The Real Grounds of rian Society who adjourn to the Somerset, the present War with France, 8vo. 1793. by one of their devoted breibren," with a short Answer to the Declaration of the Society's lamp, and the following lines the Persons calling themselves Friends of under it, which were handed about to Mr. the Liberty of the Press, 8vo. 1793.Grose's great displeasure :

Dialogues on the Rights of Britons, 8vo. “Now ****, like bright Phæbus, has 1793.-Reflections submitted to the Consunk into rest,

sideration of the Combined Powers, 8vo. Society droops for the loss of his jest;

1794.-Further Reflections, 8vo. 1795.Antiquariau debates, unseason'd with The Dangers of Premature Peace, 8vo. mirth,


1795.-Thoughts on ihe Origin and For. To Genius and Learning will never give

mation of Political Institutions, 8vo. 1795. Then wake, brother Member, our friend

-A Protest against Paine's Rights of from his sleep, [should weep.”

Man, 8vo. 1795.-Two Letters addressed Lest Apollo should frown, and Bacchus

to a British Merchant, 8vo. 1796.-A

Third Letter to a British Merchant, 8vo. A Letter from Mr. Douglas on Roman

1797. These Letters contained some good Remains at Blatchington, in Sussex, is inserted in vol. LXXXVIII. ii. p. 107.

reinarks on the foreign and domestic po

litics of the country, together with stric* See a Letter of Mr. Douglas on the tures on the conduct of the Opposition. subject of this work, in vol. LXIII. p.881. - French Aggression, proved from Mr.


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Erskine's Views of the Causes of the lieve, of David Jeonings, D.D. a respect. War, 8vo. 1797.-The Retrospect, or a able Dissenting Minister); from whom it Collection of Tracts, published at various descended to his son, whose death is here periods of the War, 8vo. 1799.-Reflec- recorded. tions on the Moral and Political State of la 1792, Mr.Jennings published, as a seSociety at the Close of the 18th century, quel to “ Bibliotheca Topographica Britan8vo. 1800.--Supplement to the Reflec. nica,”

,"" Hawkherst *; a Sketch of its His. tions, 8vo. 1801.-Reflections on the Po. tory and Antiquities, upon the Plan suglitical State of Society at the Commence- gested in the Gentleman's Magazine for ment of the 19lh century, 8vo. 1800, new procuring Parocbial Histories throughout edit. continued to 1804.-Reflections on England,” 410.; and from this elegant the Conclusion the War, 8vo. 1800, local Tract we shall copy a single article: 2od edit. 1801.-Reffectious on Modern “ An oval marble tablet has lately been Female Manners, 8vo. 1802.- Thoughts erected, on the ornamental part of which on the late General Election, 8vo. 1802. it is sufficient to observe, that it is exe. -The Salutary Effects of Vigour, exem- cuted by the first Statuary of the age, plified in the Nottingham Act, 8vo. 1804. Bacon. On the upper part of the oval -Observations on the Correspondence is a Bible, open at the first page of the between the Author and Wm. Adam, esq. New Testament, surrounded by rays of in relation to the moral character of the light, with the motto running through it, late Duke of Bedford, 8vo. 1804.--A Dis- God said, Let there be light, and there passionate Inquiry into the best Means was light. of National Safety, 8vo. 1806.--A Letter And on a black marble in the centre: addressed to Samuel Whitbread, esq. in • Nathaniel Lardver, D. D. drew his consequence of the unqualified approba. first and latest breath at Hall house, ia tion expressed by him in the House of this Parish. Benevolent as a Gentleman,. Commons, of Mr. Lancaster's System of indefatigable as a Scholar, exemplary as Education, 8vo. 1807.-Strictures ou the a Minister, wherever he resided. His Use. Motions made in the last Parliament, re. fulness was prolonged to his 86th year; specting the Pledges which his Majesty when, having established the Historical was under the necessity of demanding Credibility of the Records of our common from his late Ministers, 8vo. 1807.--A Salvation, without partiality, and beyond Second Letter to Mr. Whitbread on his reply, their promises became his eternal Bill for the Establishment of Public inheritance, July 8, 1768. From reverence Schools, 8vo. 1808.

to the memory of his Uncle, these truths

were inscribed by David Jennings, 1789." David JENNINGS, Esq. Dec. 6. David Jennings, esq. of Pen

Dr. James CURRY. church-street, and of Hall-house, Hawk. Nov. 26. James Curry, M. D. F. 6. A. herst, Keut; a gentleman long known of Grafton Street, Senior Physician to and highly valued by his fellow Citizens, Guy's Hospital, and Lecturer on the Thefor his active zeal, and the strictest in. ory and Practice of Medicine. This retegrity, ju public situations of great re- spectable Physician was a native of Scotsponsibility ; particularly as Chairman of land, and received his education at Edinthe Land and Assessed Taxes for the City burgh. In 1787 he came to England, and of London, and a Special Commissioner settled at Kettering, from whence he reunder the late Property Tax. In these sere- moved to London, where he deservedly ral situations, his conduct was uniformly gained great reputation and considerable and equally firm to the just demands of 'practice. He published,

" Observations Government, and lenient to the fair and on Apparent Death from Drowning and equitable claims of indulgence to indi- Suffocation, with an account of the means viduals. Under the several Commissions to be applied for Recovery,1793, Svo. above named, the City paid above a mil- 2d edit. 1797. “ Examination of the Prelion anoually in direct taxes; and to the judices entertained against Mercury." credit of the Commissioners it may be 1810, 8vo. 2d edit. He also published stated, that no default took place in the “A brief Sketch of the Causes which gave collection, which in some districts was rise to the high Price of Grain.” 1815, 8r0. obliged to be supplied by re-assessments on the inhabitants.-Hall-house, at Hawk. WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, Esq. M.D. herst, for two centuries in the family Oct. 26. Of an apoplectic seizure, at of Mercer, came by purchase in 1662, Haughton, the seat of the Marquis of into the possession of Nathaniel Collyer, Cholmondeley, William Armstrong, esq. esq. and from him to his grandson Dr. M. D. aged 45. Doctor Armstrong was Nathaniel Lardner; who, dying unmar- a native of Dublin, and of a very respectried, bequeathed his property at Hawkherst to his sister's daughter and her hus. * See a view of the Church in our vol. band, Mr. Joseph Jenvings (son, we be. LVII. p. 564.



520 year

of his age.



T. M. Bardin, Esq.-Obituary.

567 able family in that city, where he was 'a association; he set an example worthy of member of the University, and from which imitation, of returning in 1812 to the he proceeded to Edinburgh as a student tranquil and domestic society of bis family in medicine ; afterwards enlarging his op- and private friends. He was a man of portunities of acquirement, by a long re- virtuous and independent character; of sidence in Germany, and other parts of sincere, generous, and hospitable manthe continent; during which he learned to

He was of a constitution similar to w.rite and speak the French and German his father, inclined to extreme corpulency. languages with fluency s made great ad- which, by recently affected health, tera vances in the knowledge of his profession; minated in a dropsicat complaint in bis and established extensive acquaintance chest, that caused his dissolution in the among persons of the highest rank, both British and Foreign. He united in himself He has left an only child, a daughter, many of those qualities which are known by his late wife, and to whom he has bemost to attract and to retain the esteem queathed his estates and personal proand affection of mankind. Independent perty. in his circumstances, he practised bis profession without any view to emolument ; but his beneficent disposition, for more than twenty years, gave perpetual employ

DEATHS. ment to superior talents, improved by a 1819. T Bangalore, after a short complete and regular medical education, April 20.

and severe illuess, Capt. and a natural understanding of peculiar Joseph Wood, of the East India Com solidity. His purse, skill, time, and pity pany's service, son of Mr. W. solicitor, were for ever at the service of the afflicted and son-in-law of Mr. Murphy, of Park. and forlorn, many of whom have too much

square, Leeds. In him the service has reason to lament him ; while to the circle lost an active and intelligent officer, and of private friendship, the loss of his en- he will be long remembered by his brother lightened, honest, and manly character is soldiers and a numerous circle of friends, irreparable.

to whom he was endeared by his accom

plishments and social qualities. Tuonas MARRIOTT BARDIN, Esq. April 16. At Calcutta, iu his 80th year, Mr. T. M. Bardin (whose death we no. Jas. Wade, esq. He had served in the ticed in our last, p. 478) was the only son Hon. Company's Bengal Marine from the of the late William Bardin of the same year 1762 till his decease; during whicha place, who was for several years the chief period he was nearly half a century a conassistant at the house of Mr. Benjamin mander in the service. Martin, manufacturing Senex's Globes ; May 13. Lieut. Charles, sixth son of who brought the art of making the balls the late Sir Wm. Elliotty bart. of Stobr, and applying the papers to the greatest -He was killed in the attack on the fore perfection. After the decease of Mr.

of Rupel Droog. Martin, he first published new and im- June 4. At Bombay, Lient. Charles proved sets of 18 inch and 12 inch Globes, Mitchell, of the 65th Reg.-- This fine in the English Language; from a modero young man was the son of the late Sis accurate drawing by Mr. Arrowsmith, and Charles Mitchell, and the representative from computations of the correct position of the antient family of Mitchell of the of the Stars, &c. to the present period, Isles, baronets in 1717 ; and by his deatda by Mr. W. Jones, under the sanction of this rests with his first cousin, Capt. Chas. Sir Joseph Banks and Dr. Maskelyne the Mitchell, of the Royal Navy, eldest son Astronomer Royal. So accurate were the of the late Adm. Sir Andrew Mitchell, K. B. graduations and mounting, that Dr. Mas- -The late Sir C. Mitchell was formerly kelyne used to resolve spherical Trigono. Captain of the Williain Pitt, Indiaman; metrical problems on the 18 inch to suffi- and in her fought a gallant action in the cient exactness for obtaining the position Straights of Molucca with a French frigale, of the Stars, previously to accurate ob-, for which he was knighted, and presented servatious by the regular instruments. with a handsome swoid by the East India These Globes the deceased, after the death Company. Two children survived hiin, of his father, continued to manufacture this only son Charles, and a daughter, with equal credit to himself as an artist, married to Maj.-gen, Jackson. and to the preference and approbation of July 16. At Mauritius, Sir Alex. Alle the scientific. He was, with the interval struther, Recorder of his Majesty's Court of one year, a respectable member of the of Judicature at Bombay. Common Council for eight years for the

Aug. 23, At Bermuda, Mr. J. M. Ward of Farringdon Without. Possessing Loring, a Midshipinan on board his Maa loyal and impartial mind; observing the jesty's ship Euryalus, and eldest son of rapid strides and influence of party spirit ; the late Capi, John Lorius, R. N. feeling that his civic duties alienated him Aug. 30. At Philadelphia, North Ame. from those of his business and his family rica, aged 79, Mr. W. Raley, an old gen


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