Sayfadaki görseller

esq. M. D.

tleman who emigrated in the Venus, from Thorndike, esq. of the United States, Hull, ia June last, and late of Newbold, North America. apothecary.

At Romne, aged 14, the Hon. Lucy Ed. Sept. 4. On board the Lady Boringdon, wardes, third daughter of Lord Kensington. on his passage from Bombay, William Nov. 19. At Nice, in his 25th year, Hubert, only son of William Milburn, esq. Mr. Johu Hen. Tode, son of Mr. Mortimer, of Pentonville.

of Ludgale-hill. Sept. 24. At Kingston, Jamaica, Ma- In Baggot.street, Dublin, F. Hopkins, jor Ferrier, of the 92d reg.

Oct. 11. At Besancon, near Three At Lambeth, in her 66th year, Mrs. Rivers, in Upper Canada, John Campbell, Faulkner. esq. of Auchenwillie, Argyleshire, Scotland. Wm. Turner, esq. only remaining uncle

Ocl. 28. At Naples, aged 19, Thomas, of the present Sir Gregory Page Turner, eldest son of Thomas Patten Wilson, esq. bart. of Wootton Park, Staffordshire.

At Rotherhithe, the Rev. J. Neale Nov. 3. At Buxton, aged 67, Thomas Lake, A. M. Kianersley, esq. of Clough-Hall, Stafford. Nov. 20. At Rome, aged 75, Abbé Tay. shire, many years an eminent banker in lor. In the troublesome and often deliNewcastle-under-Lyme.

cate situation in which he was placed, Nov. 6. At Valetta, in the Island of presenting British visitors at the Court of Malta, Geo. Ogilvie, esq. LL. D. one of Rome, the propriety of his conduct gave the Magistrates of the Island, and formerly general satisfaction. of Doctors' Commons.

The Grand Duke Frederick Louis of Nov. 9. At Lisbon, aged 72, Johu Bell, Mecklenburgh Schwerin. esq. merchant.

At East Croft, near Wolverhampton, Nov. 10. At the house of her niece, Mr. C. Leyland, of the firm of Crowley, Mrs. Cottam, of Park-lane, Leeds, aged 79, Leyland, and Hicklin. Mrs. Hudson, of Skipwith Hall, in the Nov. 21. Aged 76, the widow of the late East Riding of Yorkshire. She was the Mr. John Lambert, of Barking, Essex. only child of the late George Toulson, esq. In Duke-street, Portland-place, the wiof the former place, and relict of the late dow of the late Wm. Winter, of ConduitRobert Hudson, esq. brigade major and street, Hanover-square. to Field Marshal the Mar. At Cheverill House, near Devizes, in quis Townshend.

her 85th year, Mrs. Bellamy. Aged 80, Mr. Richard Shores, formerly At Paris, in bis 75th year, John Han. a schoolmaster in Leeds. His unassuming bury Williams, esq. of Colebrook Park, worth will be long remembered by his af. Abergavenny. dieted relatives and friends.

Nov. 22. Aged 73, Mr. William Potts, Nov. 12. Highly respected, the Rev. upwards of 48 years Clerk in his Majes. Mr. Bradshaw, rector of Wilmslow, Cheshire. ty's Customs.

After a short illness, at Chelmsford, Nov. 23. At Edgar House, Bath, Sarah, Mr. T. S. Hodgson, of the firm of Messrs. eldest daughter of the Rev. Richard Cox, Woollen, Hodgson, and Middleton, mer. of the county of Limerick, Ireland. chants, of Sheffield.

At Paris, in his 77th year, Quintin At Quinton Rectory, near Northampton, Craufurd, esq. Gharlotte Amelia, widow of the late Knight In bis 85th year, Michael Joseph PridMitchell, esq. of Hemingford Grey, &c. dol, Bishop of Maus. in Huntingdonshire, and daughter of the At Charleton House, near Malmesbury, late Hon. Wm. Moles worth.

Wilts, Julia, C'tess of Suffolk. Her lady. Nou

. 15. At Orange field (Down), Hugh ship was the daughter of John Gaskarth, of Crawford, esq. merchant and banker, of Penrith, in the county of Cumberland, Belfast.

and was married in 1774. She had issue Nov. 16. At Cheshunt, aged 60, W'm. four sons, and one daughter. Sandom, esq.

At Hammersmith, agrd 70, Charlotte, la her 220 year, Elizabeth, daughter of relict of the Baron de Wincklemann. Kenneth Tod, esq. of Kennington-lane. Nov. 24. At Beccles, in the 93d year

At Cloyne (Westmeath), of water on the his age, Isaac Bloweis, esq. a gentleman brain, aged one year, Wm. Hen. Welling- greatly' respected and deservedly lamentton Bridges Nugent, Lord Delvin, eldest ed by all his friends and acquaintances. son of the Earl of Westmeath.

At Lichfield, Mary, the wife of 1'. StripAt Paris, in the 21st year of his age, ling, jeweller of that town. Henry William Justinian, eldest son of and a wife she was exemplary in the disthe Rev. H. W. Champneys, of the county charge of every duty. of Kent.

At Charles-square, Hoxton, aged 74, Nov. 17. In his 72 year, Wm. Alcock, Thomas Cox Seagrove, esq. esq. of Skipton, Yorkshire.

Aged 14, John, son of J. Mills, Nov. 18. At Edinburgh, Augustus of Colchester,


As a mother


1819.] Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons, 569

At Wandsworth Common, in his 76th In Charlemont street, Dublin, in his year, James Hume, esq. one of the Com-, 830 year, John Redmond, esq. late of missioners of his Majesty's Customs. Newton (Wexford).

Nov. 25. Of a rapid decline, whilst on Nov. 29. In the sick ward of Lambeth a visit at Spark Brook Lodge, near Bire Workhouse, Lieut. Henry Bowerman, late mingham, in her 430 year, Teresa, wife of the 56th regiment.--His two unfortuof Robert Howse, of Hammersmith, in the nate sons, one 10, the other 12 years old, county of Middlesex, esq. formerly of are inmates of the work house at Norwood. New Bond-street, London.

At No. 37. Portland-place, Matilda, In Hertford street, May Fair, John An-, wife of Valentine Conolly, esq. stey, esq. one of his Majesty's Commis. Nov. 30. In his 88th year, Wm. Meye sioners for Auditing Public Accounts, moi, esq. of Durham Place, Lambeth,

Lo Queen-square, Baih, the widow of the At Walthamstow, Mr. Peter Wright, rev. Dr. Taunion, formerly of Coinberwell Wetherhead. House, Wilts.

In her 50th year, Frances, wife of Wm. In Widcombe, Bath, in his 64th year, Johnson, newsman, of Mile.end-road. Alex. Luders, esq. Barrister-at-law, one. Lately - Iu Great Russel-street, Covent of the Benchers of the Inner Temple. Garden, aged 80, Mrs. Rebecca Moore,

Nov. 26. At Keonington, the wife of Jare of Essex-street. Mr. Alex. Sangster.

Bedfordshire. Al Elstow, near Bedford, Thomas Marsham, esq. Treasurer of Mary, eldest daughter of the late Sir Gila, the Lin!æan Society. Besides various lies Payne, bart. communications to the Transactions of Bucks. At High Wycombe, aged 89, the Linnæau Society, he published “En- Mr. Malihew Bales, one of the oldest and tomologia Britannica,” 8vo. 1602.

must celebrated Horticulturists in the. Aged 42, Mr. C. Routh, of Homerton. kingdom.

Nov. 27. at Hammersmith, in his 76th Cornwall. A few days since, at Chace. year, Mr. J. Boyle. He was almost ihe water, Elizabeth, the daughter of Joseph oldest inhabitant of that place, and whose Ralph. Though she had reached her 21st family have resided there near a century. year, her height was only two feet ten

In Bishop gate-street, in bis 571h year, inches ; she was not at all de formed, but Mr. Alex. Ross.

rather well proportioned. During her life At Cricket, the seat of Viscountess she was never known to laugh or cry, or Bridport, Louisa Craven, wife of Anthony utter any sound whatever, though it was Rosenhagen, est.

evident she both saw and heard ; her In Aldgate High-street, after a short ille weight never exceeded 201bs. ness, aged 67, Henry Newton, of Ching- Durham. At Walworth Castle, Darfuru Green, Essex.

lington, J. Harrison, esq. Vou. 28. At Stuwmarket, aged 8+, the Gloucestershire. At Mickleton House, rev. Jabez Brown, Baptist minister of that the rev. 'Morgan Graves, nephew of the place; having been upwards of 50 years late learned pastor of Caverion. engaged in the work of the ministry. The Somersetshire. Ju Milsoin-street, Bath, life of Mr. B., was distinguished by the the lady of Sir Hugh Smyth, bart. of Ash. exercise of every domestic virtue, and by Lon Lodge, near bristol, and daughter of a conscientious discharge of the duties of the late Right Rev. Christ. Wilson Lord his profession; his manners were mild, his Bishop of Bristol. conversation pleasing and instructive, and At Bath, Frances, infant daughter of in humble retirement the study of the Thomas Roby, jun. esq. of Tamworth. Scriptures elevated all his feelings, and Io Edgar Buildings, Bath, aged 79, enabled birn to say with joy, “ There is John Stackhouse, esq. 'F. L. S. He pub. ávother and a better world.” He has lished “ Nereis Britannica, or a botanical died, greatly venerated and beloved by a description of the British marine plants," large circle of friends of different religious Latin and English, 4to. 1795-1801. “Thedeuominations, and most sincerely Ja. ophrasti Eresii de plantarum Historia, mented by the people of his charge, to libri decem, Pars I. 1812; Pars 11. 1813.". whom, by his pious life and labours, he He has also some papers in the Linnæan was more especially endeared.

Transactions, and was a frequent contrilu Cadogan Place, aged 78, Mrs. Dick. butor to the Classical Journal,

Staffordshire. Capt. T. Pickering, of At Paris, Frances Turner, eldest daugh- Brook-house, near Uttoxeter. ter of the late rev. Horace Hamond, of Mr. D, Clerk, son of Mr. Clerk, seedsGreat Massingham, Norfolk.

man, of Lichfield. -He was returning in Aged 59, David Russen, esq. solicitor, the stage to his father's for his health, of Crown-court, Aldersgate-street.

when he expired in his brother's arms. In his 58th year, Mr. R. Stubbings, Sursey. Ou Richmond Green, is her butcher, Islington.

82d year, Mrs. Dorothy Collins. GENT. MAG. December, 1819.



Leach, esq.


Sussex. At Chichester, aged 72, Tho- Aged 42, Mr. Wm. Stubbs, of Cheapmas Surridge, esq. Vice-Admiral of the side, chemist. Blue.

Henry Manley, esq. of Manley, near Wills. Sarah, wife of Thomas Tim- Tiverton, Devonshire. brell, esq. of Trowbridge.

At Holmes, Muogo Fairlie, esq. of Yorkshire. The wife of William Naylor, Holmes, one of his Majesty's Deputy esq. of Wakefield.--This distressing event Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace for was occasioned by a sudden fright. Some the county of Ayr. colliers, having been committed to the At Burgfield House, Berks, in her 14th House of Correction for a breach of their year, Harriet Eliza Priestley, engagement with their employers, were Dec, 2. At Kentish Town, in her 5816 accompanied to the prison-door by the year, the wife of Mr. Rob. Hincksman. members of the Union Society, to which Aged 67, Matthew Robinson, sexton of they belonged ; entering the town in tri- the parish of Foston ; being found ex: umph, with drums, flags, and flambeaux, tended lifeless in a grave, which he had shouting, huzzaing, and making the most commenced digging io perfect health. hideous noise ;, the alarm occasioned At Home Lacey, near Hereford, Mr. T. . thereby had so immediate and powerful Brathwaite, agent for the estates of ber an effect, as by the shock to cause the Grace the Duchess of Norfolk. rupture of a small'vessel in the head, and Aged 17, Benjamin, third son of Mr. consequent effusion on the brain, which Samuel Page, of Doughty-st, and Dulwich, proved fatal in three days.


'enby, aged 77, William Hamilton. ABROAD.--At Lausanne, in Switzerland, esq. high in the Civil Service of the Hou. M. Michaud de Pontarlier, an Ex-Con- East India Company. ventionalist and Regicide. He was the In the Haymarket, aged 77, William only one of that class of French exiles who had received permission to reside in Swit- In Portland-place, Valentine Couolly, zerland.

At Jersey, Lieut. Luke Stock, formerly Dec. 3. Aged 57, Mrs. Jane Cowie, of of Dublin.

South-crescent, Bedford-square. At St. Petersburg, aged 96, General In Theobald's-road, Mr. James Potter, Dorfelden, who obtained so much reputa- late of Stroud, Gloucestershire. tion in the field during the latter part of At South Lambeth, in her 681h year, the the reign of the Empress Catherine II. wife of Mr. Courtney, of the Old Jewry.. In Upper Canada, Col. Ogilvy.

At Paris, of an apoplectic fit, Geo. ColAt St. George's, Bermuda, James Wrig. land, ·Peer of Frauce. ley Lewes, esq. Searcber of his Majesty's At Dublin, the wife of The Hon. George Customs at that port, and eldest son of Massey. the celebrated Mr. Lee Lewes.

At Charleville, Henry Hunt, esq. late of At the Bermudas, Thomas, only brother Clorane, Limerick. of Mr. John Seabrook, of St. Paul's Dec. 4.

At a very advanced age, the Church Yard.

wife of Thomas Newsome, gent. of SwefAt the Mauritius, Richard Jaques fing, Suffolk. Bravdram, youngest son of the late sa- Of a typhus fever, in his 18th year, muel Brandram, esq.

Jeptha, the only son of Jeptha Waller

, At St. Helena, by the rupture of a

esq. of Hollesley, Suffolk; a youth of blood-vessel, Mr. Valentine Joseph Mun. considerable promise, of a most amiable den, of the Hon. East India Company's disposition, whose early loss is justly and servire, son of Mr. Muoden, of Drury deeply lamented. Lane Theatre.

Aged 73, Reuben Sturgeon, esq. one of At Prince of Wales Island, aged 86,


capital Burgesses of Bury St.Edmund's. Lieut. col. Debrisay, formerly Governor Dec. 5. At Southwold, aged 67, the of that island, father of Lieut.-col. Debri. Rev. Daniel Collyer, vicar of Raydon, say, commanding the Royal Artillery at with Southwold, and late of Wroxham, Limerick.

Norfolk. In the East Indies, where he had been

Mr. John Railton, of Woolwich, liden. for some years past on constant duty, and draper. shared in the most active scenes of the late In her 83d year, Mary, widow of the war there, Major Benjafield, of his Ma- late Mr. Thomas Burt, of St. Margaret's, jesty's 67th regiment, and nephew of John Westminster. 'Benjafield, esq. of Bury St. Edmund's.

Dec. 1. In Upper Charlotte-street, aged 72, the widow of the late Jas. Packe, Fitzroy-square, in his 24th year, Edward

esq. of Prestwold, Leicestershire. Making, esq. late of the 5th reg. of foot. Mr. Edkins, of Newington-place, Surrey.

In Windsor-court, Monkwell-street, aged Aged 79, William Dolby, esq. 53, of an apoplectic fit, Mr. Jobu Clarke. Essex.

At Arthingworth, Northamptonshire


of Brizer,



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1819.] Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. $71

In Sloane-street, Dellondre Mary, dau. year, Mr. Mich. Little, nearly 40 years a of William Douglas, esq.

resident at St. John's, Newfoundland. Mrs. Price, widow of the late J. Price. Cecilia, second daughter of the lato esq. of Landough Castle, Glamorganshire, David Fell, esq. of Caversham Grove,

John Wybourn, esq. solicitor, of Craig's. Oxfordsbire. court, Charing-cross.

The wife of Richard l'orin, esq. of At his house in London-street, Reading, Englefield Green, Surrey. aged 82, Mr. James Simonds. He was At Newport, Waterford, Ellen, lady of born at Arborfield Cross in same county. the Hon. Sir John Newport, bart.

Dec. 6. At Roydon, Norfolk, in the In his 71st year, Mr. P. Violet, of 83d year of her age, Mrs. Blowers, relict Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, minia. of the late Isaac Blowers, esq. of Beccles, ture painter. and sister of the late Dr. Belward, Master In Leadenhall-street, in her 83d year, of Caius College, Cambridge; having sur- Mrs. Eleanor Cowley. vived her husband but ten days.

Dec. 10. Aged 69, the wife of Mr. Ou Woolwich Common, aged 15, Ri- John Field, of Camberwell-green. chard, second son of the late Sir John Aged 34, Mary-Anne, wife of Mr. Thos. Dyer, K. C. B.

Turner, of New Bond-street. Sarah, wife of Mr. Munday, of St. In Gow-street, Saffron Waldon, Mrs. James's street.

Sarah Edwards, an old inhabitant of that At Kensington, aged 78, the relict of place. the late James Buggin, esq.

Mr. Thompson, aged 25, guard of the At Ashford, aged 45, Mary, wife of York Highiyer coach, was found dead in George H. Sigel.

his bed. The deceased was a man of proAt Haydon, Essex, aged 49, the wife of digious appetite ; a few nights before, he Sir B. B. H. Soame, Bart.

ate sixty oysters, and he was so fat he. At Hackney Terrace, in her 820 year, could hardly walk. Mary, widow of the late Allyn Simmonds Aged 17, Elizabeth, second daughter of Smith, esq. late of Battersea.

William Langmead, esq. of Elfordleigh. John Ord, esq. Deputy of the Ward Dec. 11. At Clatterford Cottage, Isle of Billinsgate. In returning from the of Wight, the wife of Col, Newhouse, R. A. city, about half-past ten in the evening, to In Devonshire-street, Portland-place, his house in Hatton-garden, he was as- Sarah, widow of Richard Butler. sailed by apoplexy on Holborn-hill, and At Acton House, Middlesex, John Dalexpired in a few minutes,

zell Douglas, youngest son of Henry AlexDec. 7. John Barker Scott, Esq. banker, ander Douglas, esq. of Lichfield.

Dec. 12. At Aldeburgh, in his 39th Aged 61, Mary, wife of Mr. Wigg, of year, John Clayton, esq. of Sibtou Park, Guildford-street.

Suffolk, whose mild and gentlemanly man. In Gloucester-place, St. Pancras, Thos. ners endeared him to his friends, and his eldest son of Thomas Rickman Harman, benevolent and feeling heart to his rela. esq.

tions, to whom he was a constant and geAged 67, Mr. Fuller, of Chelsfield, nerous benefactor. Kent.

At Hampstead, the Rev. George Bevan. Dec. 8. In Chapel-street, Grosvenor. At Charing, in his 4th year, of a walig. place, Solomon Treasure, esq. of the Tax nant disorder of the eye, Frederick, Office, Somerset House.

youngest son of Mr. Hawker, surgeon. At Barnet, in her 77th year, Mrs. Ann Joseph, third son of William Lowndes, Gasper Smith.

esq. of Chesham, Bucks. Aged 82, Mrs. Phillips, of Hemel Hemp- At Breme Lodge, Sydney, Gloucesterstead.

shire, in his 42d year, Josias Verelst, esq. At Stoke Newington, in her 67th year, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace Catherine, wife of Mr. John Merrington. for that county, and second son of the late

At Lismore, Kerry, N. C. Martellie, Harry Verelst, esq. of Aston Hall, York. esq. late Captain of the 69th regiment. shire.

At his son's, 28, Rathbone-place, Mr. William Hornidge, esq. of HattonGeo. Archer, of Saffron Walden, Essex. garden.

Dec. 9. At Woodbridge, in her 79th Aged 46, Emma, wife of Joseph Wilson, year, Mrs. Sarah Simpson, mother of Mr. esq. of Highbury Hill, Middlesex. Simpson, bookseller, of tbat town.

Dec.f13. At Bromley, Kent, the wife of At Yarmouth, where she had been for

Mr. Taynton, surgeon. the benefit of her health, in her 37th year, Iu Crispiu-street, Spital-fields, William Anne, wife of the Rev. John Isaacsou, rec- Clement Headington, esq. tor of Lidgate, near Bury St. Edmund's. R. Burton, esq. of Symond's Inn, Chan

At Burwash, Sussex, aged 68, Thomas cery-lane. Rutton, esq.

At Cheshunt, Herts, aged 77, the widow At Greenwich Hospital, in his 80th


of John Pecock, esq. formerly of Chatham At Twickenham, in her 820 year, Mrs. Place, Blackfriars.

Needham. In her 63d year, Mrs. Hinde, of Bow. At Wallington, Surrey, aged 58, T. ling-green-lane, Clerkenwell.

Reynolds, esq. At Kinsale, co, Cork, the Right Hon. la Norfolk-street, Park-lane, in her Susan, Baroness Kiosale. Her ladyship 52d year, Anne, wife of Mr. A. B. Gibson, was daughter, of Cunway Blennerbassei, late of Plymouth. esq. of Castle Conway,,co. Kerry, and was In the Stable-yard, St. James's, Henry married Oct. 31, 1763, to Joho de Courcy, Erriog!011, esq. uncle to Mrs. Fitzherbert. twenty-sixth Lord Kinsale, Baron de

T'he chief part of the property of the deCourcy and Ringvone, by whom she has ceased goes to the gallant Lord Hill, tbe left issue.

brother of Lord Berwick, who so highly At his father's house, after a long and distinguished himself in the Peninsular very painful illoess, ia bis 40th year, the War; other proportions to the CouuRev. Juhn Markland, M. A. recently of less of Aylesbury, in right of Lady Bicester, Oxford, and eldest son of Ro- Broughton. bert Markland, esq. of Mabfield, near At Portsmouth, aged 69, the wife of T. Manchester.

Croxton, esq. avd only child of the late Dec. 14. Aged 67, David Andre, esq. Anthony Huson, esq. of 196, Oxford-street.

Dec. 16. At Sunning Hill, Berks, aged In bis 50th year, Mr. Joseph Meymoit, 69, Mrs. Móse. of the Borough-road, Southwark.

Dec. 17. In Hill.street, the Hon. Chas. The-wife of Mr. John Harris, of Pickett- Fincb. street, Temple Bar, leaving six small At Weymouth, Elizabeth, sis er of Mr. children.

Barbor, of the Charter House, aud lale of At Stratford, Essex, in her 830 year, Farley, Staffordshire. Mrs. Margaret Hill.

At Byslock, near Exmouth, E. Divett, At Laverstoke, Hants, Wm. Bridges,

esq. aged 52, esq.

Caroline, youngest daughter of Mr. J. Dec. 15. In the Precincts, Canterbury, Fisher, of Green-street, Grosvenor-square, the wife of the Rev. Janes Ford, Minur aged 23 years. Canon of Canterbury Cathedral, aud rec- Al Gatcombe Park, Isle of Wight, in tor of St. George's, in that city.

her 45th year, Jane Meux, wife of Alex. In Alfred street, Bath, aged 90, the re- Campbell, esg. lict of the Most Reverend Dr. Johu Cra. At Isling!09, in his 681h year, Robert dock, Archbishop of Dublin; inuther of Twyford, esq. late of Salisbury-street, Geb. Barou Howden, and many years a Strand. resident of Bath ; a woman of unbounded Dec. 18. Ju ber 91st year, Mrs. Mary charity. The last on her original list of Steel, of Lamb's Conduit-street, widow, pensions died a short time since, aged Aged 26. Mary Anne, wife of Mr. Dan. nearly 100 years. One of her singulari. Price, uf Pilgrim-street, Ludgate-hill, and ties is worthy of being recorded : she never eldest daughter of J. Docksey, of Goldsat down to eat or drink (at her own table) smith-street. any thing that had not been previously At Plaistow, Essex, aster an illness of paid for. The Archbishop died Dec. 11, liule more than a fortnight, aged 28, 1778. See Vol. XLVIII. p. 607.

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Wm. Slallwood, esq. of Enfield.

West, of Billiter-street.

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incurring the usual expenditure on such P. 275. The Will of the late Dake of oceasions, desires that the sum of 1501. Hamilton and Brandon, was proved in the may be given to the Asylum for the Blind Prerogative Court in Doctors' Commons, at Liverpool, and a similar sum to the on the 30th ult., by Sir Benjamin Hob. Dispensary there. The Palace at Hamil. house, Bart. and William Gosling, esq. ton in Scotland, with all the estates and of Fleet-street, banker, two of the sur- properties there, are stated to have beeu viving executors. A reserve being held already made over to the Duke's eldest over of probate to the Earl of Rochford

son, Lord Dutton, commonly called the and James Alexander Stewart M'Kenzie, Marquess of Douglas, with the reserva. 669. the other survivors ;-Lord Webb tion of a power for inaking certain charges Jolin Seymour, deceased, was also ap- thereon, for the benefit of the testator or pointed to the trust.

his family, and the sum of 20,0001, ko The first clause it contains is a direc. have been advanced to his Grace's daughtion for a plain funeral, and instead of ter, Charlolle Duchess of Somerset, on


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