Annual Report of the Corporation of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York

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Sayfa 61 - The United States of America and the Emperor of China cordially recognize the inherent and inalienable right of man to change his home and allegiance, and also the mutual advantage of the free migration and emigration of their citizens and subjects, respectively, from the one country to the other, for purposes of curiosity, of trade, or as permanent residents.
Sayfa 158 - Know ye, therefore, that We, of our especial grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion do by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, give and grant unto the said...
Sayfa 196 - ... a tonnage duty of two cents per ton, not to exceed in the aggregate ten cents per ton in any one year, is hereby imposed at each entry on all vessels which shall be entered in any port of the United States from any foreign port or place in North America, Central America, the West India Islands, the Bahama Islands, the Bermuda Islands, or the coast of South America bordering on the Caribbean Sea...
Sayfa 196 - States shall suspend the collection of so much of the duty herein imposed on vessels entered from any foreign port as may be in excess of the tonnage and lighthouse dues, or other equivalent tax or taxes, imposed in said port on American vessels, by the Government of the foreign country in which such port is situated, and shall, upon the passage of this Act, and from time to time thereafter as often as it may become necessary, by reason of changes in the laws of the foreign countries above mentioned,...
Sayfa 157 - ... persons to be members of the said corporation, as they shall think beneficial to the good designs of the said corporation.
Sayfa 61 - States will exert all its power to devise measures for their protection and to secure to them the same rights, privileges, immunities, and exemptions as may be enjoyed by the citizens or subjects of the most favored nation, and to which they are entitled by treaty.
Sayfa 196 - An Act to remove certain burdens on the American merchant marine and encourage the American foreign carrying trade, and for other purposes,
Sayfa 97 - States, in the principal markets of the country from which the same has been imported ; but no such addition shall be made upon entry to the invoice value of any imported merchandise obtained otherwise than by actual purchase; and the collector within whose district any merchandise may be imported or entered, whether the same has been actually purchased or procured otherwise than by purchase, shall cause the actual market value or wholesale price of such merchandise to be appraised; and...
Sayfa 61 - Citizens of the United States visiting or residing in China shall enjoy the same privileges, immunities or exemptions in respect to travel or residence as may there be enjoyed by the citizens or subjects of the most favored nation.
Sayfa 153 - Georgia in America; and them and their successors by the same name, we do, by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors...

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